Friday, 23 October 2015

Playstation Trophy Destroyers and PS4 Forum pages.....

On facebook i help admin a few pages. So i thought i would shamelessly advertise them here to get more members :) Each one will be hyper linked so you can just click and go straight to the page and join. I would like to point out that if you have me or any other admins blocked , you wont be added. We don't tolerate any racism, sexism or attacking other members over opinions. No spamming or its an immediate ban too. Nobody wants bloody RayBan's or to enter fake PlayStation competitions ;)

First up is PlayStation Trophy Destroyers:

This page is one of the most active pages. The basic idea behind this page is a bit of friendly competition between members. Everyone on the page has ps3, ps4 and PS vita or any combination of these consoles. We play games to 100% complete them and earn platinum's. (ie) every trophy that is obtainable in a single game. Plenty of people help each other out and help boost the online trophies. We are a pretty decent bunch. Most add each other on PSN too. Some people prefer particular genres of games, so there is something to suit everyone. You can post your bragging pics too ;) There are 5 admins to this page and one of us is always about should there be any grievances or bullying going on. We do ask you don't air any personal grievances about members. just contact an admin and we will sort things out. Theres myself, Weave 'LUFC' Whitehead, Harrison Richardson, Luc Orval and Michael Filippi

There is 4 different categories of platinum's in this group. The more platinum's you earn the higher up you go. Theres a bronze, silver, gold and platinum group. Luc updates these leader boards every week so as you earn a platinum you post it up and he will adjust the boards accordingly :) the groups are set as like this

*Platinum League* = Players with 150 or more Platinum trophies
*Gold League* = Players with 100 - 149 Platinum trophies
*Silver League* = Players with 50 - 99 Platinum trophies
*Bronze League* = Players with 1 - 49 Platinum trophies

Next up is PS4 FORUM: 

This page is just for all things PlayStation. Links, posts, discussions etc. All the latest PlayStation Plus news. The admins for this pages are Myself, Weave 'LUFC' Whitehead, David 'DRFC' Shanks and Samuel McPhail. The rules are pretty much the same as PlayStation trophy destroyers. Anybody breaking these rules will be kicked ;)

So if either of these groups interests you, please feel free to join and add your PSN ID and start racking up those trophies :D

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