Sunday, 18 October 2015

Physio and Pain

I had to attend physio in the maternity hospital a few days ago as it turns out I have pelvic girdle pain.  Its been very frustrating.  All throughout my pregnancy, because my fibromyalgia went into remission I've been so active and doing my exercises pretty much from the time I found out I was expecting.  There was about 6 of us there and I wasn't really told anything I I didn't already know.  But i did find out i have compressed nerves and thats what's making my back and leg so painful.  I have been given exercises to do to help relieve the pain.  I don't think there's an awful lot i can do until I actually have the baby.  Then I'll go see my own physio rather than go to a hospital physio.  I've had physio in hospitals before and it's just been a disaster.  So I'd rather stick to someone I trust and i know is good.

Im just about 32 weeks now and if someone hasn't seen me they just stare at my stomach and remark about how big my belly is lol My sister came up to the house yesterday and said in the few days since she's seen me,  I've gotten even bigger.  To be honest I didn't really see it myself as such but after I had a shower and caught myself in the mirror,  i can now see it 😁 it's all belly though.  People are saying it's most likely going to be a long baby lol I was quite long when I was born.  Apparently the nurse said I'd be very tall. She wasn't wrong 😁

I had entered a competition a couple of months back and then forgot about it  last week I got an email telling me I had won a buggy.  I received it a few days ago and love it.  I only need to buy a pram and the cot mattress and we'll be done. A few bits for the hospital and then just the wait until the envitable happens.

At night time when I have to get up for whatever reason, my cat Spock will not leave me alone.  Until I actually go back to my room he follows me about. Like a chaperone lol he'll go into the bathroom with me,  goes downstairs and sits by the sink if I get a drink of water.  He keeps pawing me gently as if to say 'come on, back to bed with you' and walks me right back.  Then gets into his own bed,  satisfied im back in bed.  He is going to be fine with the baby as he seems to love kids.  He always rubs himself against my nephews or cousins and purrs like mad.  The other fella Sulu is very much the baby of the family  so I'll have to introduce him slowly.  He doesn't mind kids as such but he doesn't like getting ruffled by them.  Hes very playful on the otherhand  but hes used to getting all the attention.  So I'm not sure how it's going to go in that regard.  He will get used to the new hairless kitten eventually.  He'll have too lol 😁

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