Monday, 21 September 2015

27 weeks and counting

As of now i am 27 weeks pregnant. To say its been easy would be a lie :D I spent the first 3 months rushing to the toilet/sink/bin to throw up and wonder when the cascade was ever going to stop. Every smell was getting to me and setting me off. I couldn't eat until 2 pm and i slept for so much of that time. But when we got our first scan, it was all forgotten about. To see our little monkey was amazing. It made it so real and exciting.

The second trimester started and everything started to ease up. But the back pain was starting to get worse. Then the sciatica started. My leg is numb most days and i have painful pins and needles in it too. At 5 months we had our second scan. I was quite anxious with this one because this was the scan that would tell us if anything was wrong. But the nurse put us at ease straight away and said the spine and head were perfect and she start laughing saying that the baby was lying in the same position as me, with the hands behind the head and little feet crossed over. It was amazing to see the chambers of the heart, the little fingers etc and when the baby started to open and close the mouth, i just melted. She did one final check on the liver and pancreas and the baby had had enough and flipped over to moon us. She had to shake my stomach so the baby would flip back :D 

Now as I'm in my third trimester the baby is kicking like crazy mostly in the mornings and evenings. Ive had no major cravings except for salad and cheese. Oh and the occasional ice pop at 3am weirdly enough. We do know the sex of the baby but some family want to be surprised so cant say anything :) Michael's had a few job interviews so hopefully something will happen soon. I had to go in today for a glucose tolerance test which was a bit of a pain. My BMI was very slightly over but i haven't heard anything from the hospital so all is well is that regard :) Next week i have a check up and i need to get an injection because i have a rare blood type. I should have started antenatal classes last week but the nurse was sick so they will probably start this week. My fibromyalgia is still in remission and apart from my back i feel great.

There are certain things i miss:

Sleeping on my stomach mostly. I can only sleep on my stomach, sort of contorted but its comfy damn it and i cant do it right now.Plus i wake up needing the toilet, I'm so sick of the bathroom right now. I don't think Ive ever gone to the loo as much in my life.. Cuddling into Michael at night because (A) It gets too hot and (B) theres a big bump lol He also cant keep his hands off me for some reason lol

I'm a cheese fiend and i have to stay away from particular cheeses i love. Fried, runny eggs on toast too

Peanut m&ms.. dear god i miss my m&ms. Then i found out even after the baby i still cant eat them because ill be breast feeding. I find myself looking longingly at them, whispering 'one day ill have you back in my life'

Coffee..I'm not a massive coffee drinker but most mornings id have a cup. But if i have one cup, that is my caffeine intake for the day. So mostly i opt for tea.

Having control of my emotions... I either get too impatient with things or i get overly emotional and cry or get so happy and cry or tell Michael hes going to leave me and cry lol that's on my 'im such a whale' days (which i don't understand, i actually haven't put on much weight, its all belly)

I cant wait until i can get out of bed normally without having to roll.

I find it hard to sit and play my beloved PlayStation because my back gets so sore and i get too tired to concentrate

I cant wait until pregnancy brain goes away. I thought my glucose test was last Tuesday when it was on Monday...putting the milk into the washing machine, calling my cats, whose names are Spock and Sulu..splock and spulu or 'whatever the fuck your name is, come here and love me' Generally getting everything mixed up. I called Michael for his dinner the other day like a cat. I often call him Megan (my niece is called Megan, she stays with us a lot but i cant fathom why i call him Megan)

Putting socks and shoes on. A few weeks ago i was standing up putting socks on and i completely put my back out. At the time i got an awful fright because i thought it was the baby but quickly realised the pain was in my upper back. 2 freaking days i was in bed. It took hours for the pain to go away and 3 days before i could walk straight. So now i sit firmly on the bed and do it.

But i wouldn't change a thing. Not even the morning sickness :) Three long years we were trying to have a baby. Some heartache along the way and some trepidation when we found out but in 13 weeks we will have our baby in our arms and i already know I'm in love. I love the little kicks, bumps and punches and i just cant wait until we meet our little monkey.