Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Good News

In my last post i was saying i had given up cannabis and for a good reason. Well that reason was i had found out i was pregnant :) At the moment i am 17, nearly 18 weeks gone. We had our first scan a few weeks back but for the first few months of this pregnancy i had been quite sick and tired. The sickness has passed thankfully but the tiredness remains as does the back ache but we are over the moon about it. I have my next scan in a few weeks again and hopefully we will find out then what sex it is.

We are on Grandmother warnings not to reveal it :D They want it to be a surprise. As does some family members and friends. We just want to know ourselves for practicality. I don't want to end up having a boy with a pink pram or vice versa.

I'm due in December and most likely wont be doing this blog anymore. I wont have the time. (Even now i don't bother much anymore so i may just stop altogether) So i could end up having a Christmas baby or most likely it'll be just before New Years Eve.

My fibromyalgia has gone into remission too which is wonderful. The only pain i have is back ache and what seems to be sciatica but ill find that out early next week. It feels great not to be in so much pain though. I also have to get a few injections as i have a rare blood type but its nothing to be too concerned about.

I think its finally sinking in that its finally happened for us. After 3 years and a bit of heart break to have everything go well so far is a huge thing right now and we can finally believe its going to happen for us :)

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