Sunday, 17 May 2015

No More Green

I have decided to knock smoking weed on the head for a while. Its good to take a break from time to time. Most peoples reaction was typically irish. 'ye what? 'you feeling ok' 'you! giving up weed.. YOU' Its like when you go out for the night and say you arent drinking and everyones reaction is 'are you on antibotics' I smoke weed for the pain. Before i developed CFS and Fibromyalgia, i smoked weed because i just liked it :D I dont drink or have ever done drugs such as coke or ecstasy  etc and i didnt start smoking until i was 22. Its a long time to be smoking and i dont regret any of it. I had some of the best times with weed. I can smoke the best of them under the table and still walk out straight. I talk utter nonsense but im always the last one smoking ;) I am struggling with the pain a bit but i have given up for a really great reason.  I cant say why yet but i will soon. Something really wonderful has happened in my life and ive had to stop for a few months. Its with great sadness that i wrap my babies up in newspaper and put them away for the time being. My bongs, BillyBong Thornton, Tommy ChongBong, Bong Zeppelin and the unnamed Bong will be wrapped up in bubblewrap and placed lovingly in a box,along with my various pipes.  My faithful rolly box, though held together with sellotape, will be also put up. I really should just throw it out but ive had it for years and cant bring myself to get a new one. I smell weed everywhere lately too. People are just more brazen about it and smoke out on the streets. The police dont really care anymore either. I remember going to pick some up one day from my friend, i had a joint in his place and walked home on a cloud,lost in my own thoughts. I saw two guards walking towards me and suddenly became aware of the pungent odour of Lemon Haze coming from me. There was no where else to turn either because they would have known something was up. There was nothing else to do but walk past them. My heart was pounding and the paranoia was i walked past one of the guards turned to me and said ' someones going to have a good night' and winked at me.. I sort of smiled and stuttered something and when i got around the corner i realised i had been holding my breath the whole time lol.

Weirdly i dont really get the munchies with weed. I do with certain types but with most i just fall into a nice bubble of cotton wool and usually end up talking nonsense to my cats and Michael. Then there are the moments where the munchies do hit and its like i need to get a particular thing. Its like in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. You see an ad on the TV and nothing will satisify the craving until you get that particular thing. For me its mostly the hot apple pie from McDonalds. I have a Mcdonalds 5 minutes away from me, a Burger King 10 minutes away and a KFC across from me too. Not to mention my local chipper does the best pizza and the cinema down the road wraps up cinema food for you to take away...mmm nachos. I live in munchie heaven but i dont eat in McDonalds, very rarely in Burger King and only sometimes in KFC. Im not really a big fast food eater personally but i could inhale 5 apple pies when the mood hits me. Bizarely when i get the munchies its always something healthy, like a huge salad sandwich or a BLT on toast. So unlike a lot of people i know, i cant blame the weed for making me put on weight lol I have been known to just sit there eating a salad bowl while my friend are shoving pringles and chocolate into their mouths :D

I do enjoy the first smoke after a break though so i am looking forward to that when i start again. Its like starting all over again and the buzz is unreal. I just sit there laughing and calling the cats my hairy babies and shoving my face into Spocks extremely furry belly. He just purrs and nudges me to rub him so its all good ;) There have been the few moments ive really wanted a joint but i just cant for a while. Its not a craving or anything, its just been part of my life for so long. Its weird not to be smoking. Its is funny at the moment to see peoples reactions when i pass on a spliff. The look of confusion and then they say but theres no tobacco in it (i smoke pure, i dont mix with tobacco) and i still refuse it. its like...

I will be able to say why i have given up in a couple of weeks when i hear back from the thing thats going on but for now this girl is going dry.