Friday, 12 December 2014

Shenmue and Pokemon

Hello my moonbeams. Its time for another blogpost. i havent had the best time with fibromyalgia the last couple of months so i havent been very productive so lets talk about the exciting news that Shenmue will be coming to PS4....

So i was reading earlier that the Dreamcast/Sega classic Shenmue will be getting released for PS4. If you haven't played this game you're in for a treat. Its genuinely a brilliant game. I played it years ago on my friends Dreamcast as i had a Playstation, but a few years ago i got my own copy for 30 euro. Its set across 3 discs and then theres the Passport disc which allowed you to play online. which was a very new thing on consoles then. The game was produced and directed by Yu Suzuki. He came up with the term 'FREE' for the style of game that was Shenmue. He wanted to give the player full interactivity and freedom by simulating real life through the game. For instance, the game works on a day and night system and real time variable weather effects, this in particular was quite unheard of in computer games at the time. The characters in the game are fully voiced too with their own schedules and events. Theres other stuff to do in the game like go to arcades, (Play Space Harrier or Hang On)~ use ATMs and go to shops. Theres minigames including forklift and motorbike races, bar fights and Darts.

Its the kind of game you need to speak to people to progress but if you choose to just walk around Yokosuka, there is plenty to keep you occupied.Talking to just about everyone in the game proves very useful albeit time consuming but you never know what you may learn be it moves or receive useful info regarding the game. It isn't strictly necessary to do all of this chatting but if i know PlayStation there will be some obscure trophy involving talking to people.I don't really want to write about the actual quest because ill ruin it for people but when it does come out i would urge people to get it. I like kung fu and martial arts games like Sleeping Dogs and Yakuza etc. This will be an easy buy for me.

Right now I'm playing through all the Crysis games. The first one is making me shout at the TV in all honesty but its great fun and i am doing it on hard mode. In between this I'm also playing through the Batman games (finally) and in the process of gathering all the Assassins Creed games. My Saints Row platinum is coming along nicely but just taking a while, they involve killing aliens in certain ways with certain weapons, a certain amount of times but ill get there ;)

Michael has got me addicted to Pokemon too. Playing on emulators i am currently playing Leaf Green and Emerald version. I am sad enough to have favourite Pokemon now too *facepalm* Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, and Far-Fetch'd and of course Pikachu. Jiggly-Puff is a fucking menace though. If you fall asleep throughout her song , she just scribbles all over your face. Bulbasaur is my favourite though. I like Squirtle too. Hes so cute and rocks those sunglasses he wears.

 So now we want to get DS's or another gameboy SP to collect all the games and battle with one another. Even as i write this i do realise how geeky I'm sounding so ill leave it here with Tay Zondays epic version of the Pokemon theme tune....

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