Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Walking Dead/PS3 post

Recently Ive had to sell my PS3. It was for a good reason but it is personal and I'm not going to go into it. So Ive been giving a lot of love to the PS2,PSP and game cube. I do have other consoles but sometimes the hassle of having to go rooting through a box full of tangled wires is just too much at times. One day i will sort them out....but not today.

Before i sold the PS3 i platinumed 2 more games. The Walking Dead and Megamind. To be honest i did Megamind purely to get the platinum and i call it my Platinum of shame. one, because its a kids game and two, its so simple to do its embarrassing. I was guilty of trying to raise my platinum trophies. I literally sold it as soon as i did it. It was so boring and i was like 'oh come on already how many levels do i have to put up with' I feel dirty even thinking about it :D

Weirdly, i was never into getting trophies as such. I used to just play games and that was it. Then one day i remember a trophy going PING in the corner and i got all excited and whispered 'what was that' in a hushed tone. The kind you would have were a God appear to you in the bedroom. I didn't find out for a while because i had no Internet at the time but every so often a PING would go and i got all excited. This was of course in early days when the trophy system started to appear more for games. I then found out and thought it was amazing. (I'm easily awed) But i still didn't go exclusively to look for them. In the last 2 years i start going mad for them. I liked the extra challenge of completing certain objectives in games. it added that bit more fun and a lot more competitiveness to gaming sessions. I have my own personal thing with someone. He had hundreds more than me and in a matter of a few months i had caught up with him so much theres only 48 in it now. He plays xbox more now so i can well surpass him as soon as I'm back on ;)

The Walking Dead is FANTASTIC. I cannot recommend this game enough. Its so gorey in parts, so sad in other parts. This game brings you on a rollercoaster of emotions leaving you feeling that particular something inside you that only truly spectacular games can....unlike Megamind lol....The decisions you have to make are so hard and are done in such a way that the game can have several different directions. Its truly a wrench to play at times. Its just so sad. Id love to go more into it but i don't want to ruin it for others. Unfortunately i found out who died at the end because someone said it on a game page. But it was out a while by then it couldn't be helped lol... because of it i didn't want the game to end because i didn't want this person to die. So i stopped playing it for a few weeks then realised i was been stupid and resumed my tearful journey.

Michael has got an interview next week. So hopefully he'll get the job :) He looks so hot in a suit. That and a whack of Brut and I'm in heaven lol He said he'd buy me a new PS3 should he get the job so i wont be offline for too long and hopefully be back gaming by Xmas :D

Until next time... (its time for Thw Walking Dead..the programme ;)

(which the game WASNT based on)

and is awesome....

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