Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New Kittys

A few weeks ago a cat just came into my house and promptly made himself at home. He was a marmalade cat and we called him Mork. I put up 'found' posts around various pages on facebook but no one claimed him for about 3 weeks. He was missing for 6 weeks and they assumed he was dead. He was absolutely adorable and very affectionate but i was happy enough to find his family and have him back where he belonged. This was him playing the PlayStation ;)

Then about 3 days later a neighbour came in and told us about 2 kittens her friend had to get rid off because of her landlord and her little girl was too rough with them. We initially were only going to take 1 but realised they were brothers and had been together since birth and we didn't want to separate them so took both. They are soooo cute together and have really grown since we got them. They are about 4 months now and are getting more mischievous by the day. One is a Norwegian Forest Cat. We named him Spock. Hes a tuxedo cat meaning he is black and white. Hes so fluffy and wide eyed its so hard to stay mad when he does something wrong :D This is him

Then there is Sulu. He is a regular tabby cat with what looks like eyeliner on his eyes. He is adorable and is a bit more nervous than Spock but he is starting to overcome that now and i tend to pick him up for a few minutes at a time and then place him gently back down on the floor. Now he loves the cuddles and is starting to want to be picked up. Then are quite predatory too with the catnip mice getting the brunt of their hunting skills :) This is Sulu

Both of them are hilarious, Spock is a total clown and often gets stuck in places he shouldn't be while Sulu sort of just walks away from him. They tend to cuddle up together and naturally have ignored any soft beds in favour of the top stair. Sulu has a bit of a sensitive tummy too so we need to keep him to a strict diet of dry food but it doesn't stop him going mad, miaowing for a bit of meat while we have dinner. I had a feeling Mork wouldnt be around for long myself but i know these two are ours now ...well we are theirs really.

If anyone owns a cat you know what i mean lol

(i also had a pretty big game blog written out a couple weeks ago but Mork walked all over my laptop and deleted it all...i thought it had backed up but nope..it was all gone...i have since gotten 2 more platinum's on PS3 but that's for another blog, which i will write after a cup of tea)