Friday, 11 April 2014

i got platinum!

Its been quite some time since i did a blog. I haven’t been very well for a while but yesterday i found out why. Well whats causing a lot of pain and tiredness so hopefully once its sorted i wont feel as bad. 5 treatments and 4 more times every 3 months and ill be right as rain. Ill still have the fibromyalgia to deal with but hopefully it’ll be much more manageable. :D happy face

Michael has just entered the room and started dancing seductively in front of me lol I don't know whether to be turned on or horrified lol

But that’s what I'm here to write about. Yesterday i got my first Platinum playstation3 trophy. I’m a trophy hunter. I'm level 13 on my PlayStation account but never got platinum before. It can be quite difficult to obtain these trophies so I'm very happy i got this particular one.It was for Minecraft. To be honest i thought id be a while getting this trophy particularly because of one trophy in particular which is called 'sniper duel' Basically you have to shoot a skeleton at 5o feet, about 45 blocks or so. Sounds easy but its really not. The bastard keeps moving once hes been shot the first time. Michael got this before me because his skeleton was already on fire as it had turned to day. Were were playing the next day when he pointed out a skeleton for me to shoot. He was miles away and didn't expect to get him but i did. I actually fist pumped and screamed 'FUCK YEAH' One of the most satisfying trophies to get.

I was quite lucky with my first world. I built a pretty impressive house in survival. Its huuuge and has 3 main houses within my compound. (I plan to do a blog including pics soon of what i have done in creative and survival next) But what was so lucky about this particular biome and where i choose to build my house was i started a huge mineshaft under my house. I got so much iron, gold and diamonds as well as a constant lava and water supply to make obsidian. But even better than all that i stumbled upon the End Portal. RIGHT UNDER MY HOUSE. I eventually got it activated and jumped in yesterday. You have to collect 2 things to make the Eye of Ender to activate the portal so it can take some time to get enough pearls and blaze powder. AS both enemy's to get both items can be hard to kill and they don't always drop the items, only XP.

Our first attempt to kill the EnderDragon was disastrous but the next day we went in we got it done in under 25 minutes. Which is pretty impressive even if i do say so myself lol. Then we came back into the real world and had to ride and injure a pig for another trophy and then PING went the platinum. Michael got it just after me too. We also did the 'ride the rail' trophy just before all this which was so much fun. Its hilarous to ride the minecarts because they go so fast. Mine stretches over 2 biomes. So its nice and grassy , loads of trees then over water into the desert area. Where i have another house and mineshafts going.

This was one of the most fun trophies to get and really rewarding. Next up for us is 'Saints Row 4' which we both only have about 5 trophies left to get to platinum too. They are gonna be fairly easy to get too as it mostly involves killing a bunch of enemies in certain ways. Borderlands 2 is a pretty close one to platinum too just the trophies there are a bit more arduous to get but we have some really good friends to help us out there too. Over the last year we both have met a good few gamers through a PlayStation page who are 'mature' gamers shall we say lol but I personally am good friends with a few people from this page and at least 3 are huge Borderlands gamers so its always fun when its a full lobby ripping through on the harder modes with them.

The weekend is gonna be fairly busy Minecraft wise as a few of these people want to come into my world to get the rail and End trophies. I love this game so much. A lot of people don't really understand it so much so I'm thinking of also doing a blog alongside the picture one explaining the basics of the game to start of with. Most people think its just mining and building and don't really grasp the amount of stuff you can do in it. Its so much fun to play. Ill be getting it for PC as soon as i can too as theres so much more to do in it.

I'm itching to get back to it now so ill leave it here and definitely wont leave it as long next time..probably ;)

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