Saturday, 1 February 2014

lets talk about cannabis for a minute....

Hello its been a while. Theres a couple reasons why i haven't been writing.  (1) Ive just got over a bout of pneumonia and Bronchitis (2) Minecraft PS3 edition When i saw minecraft was coming to PS3 i was very excited. I had originally played it on android and hated it but the pocket edition has vastly improved since. Of course, Michael rolled his eyes when i got it but now he is just as addicted and were both well on our way to achieving Platinum on it. Just a couple more trophies and PING first plat. Well it'll be that or Borderlands 2.
I'm just getting over a horrible bout of illness as i mentioned so I'm still not 100% i don't even know as such what I'm going to be writing about but i just feel like i need to be writing. So lets talk about Cannabis!

Since this time last year so much has changed in the cannabis community. Unless you've been living under a rock, you will be aware that many states in the U.S have legalised cannabis. Theres a pretty big movement now going on...well to be fair there always has been but the right wing shriekers have always shouted us down with their 'facts' and 'truths' but now that's ending. They are now claiming that cannabis has killed a women in the UK. They say its 'cannabis toxicity' that she overdosed on cannabis. On a single joint.  Now, a quick google search will disprove this immediately. Its impossible to overdose on cannabis unless you smoke 20,000 to 40,000 joints...not one. This poor woman died of something but because she had 1 joint..that's what killed her.. Its ridiculous. This is a mother and someones daughter. Not a thing to use to try further your 1950s propaganda. The funny thing is, Ive had people who wouldn't really understand cannabis ask me about this saying that whatever they believed themselves about weed, they couldn't believe that a single joint could kill a person. So my thing is let the shriekers dig themselves further and further into a hole. Let them sprout their nonsense that's outdated and wholly untrue. It helps further our cause and our work. I could go on about the statistics, drink drivers, cocaine, etc etc but you all know this data. You all know that alcohol , obesity are much bigger threats to our society. Drinking is just acceptable because its the norm.Its a fucked up norm. Yet no one bats an eyelid. But whip out a doobie and you may as well be eating a baby.

This is changing I'm pleased to say. I use cannabis myself to medicate. When i was younger i used it to smoke it like it was going out of fashion. I went to Holland at least twice a year and had a few dealers i could go too. As i became a bit more savvy about weed i stopped smoking the shit and only start buying organic weed. There was, of course the contamination of weed like using sugar, glass etc to weigh it down so for a while i just went without. See, Ireland is the dumping ground for all the crap. We have this shit here call soapbar hash. I try to tell anyone young that i know who start to smoke to avoid it at all costs. Its not even cannabis. You pretty much get fucked on the glue, rubber or whatever shit is in it. My ex was a journalist and he had various types of this soap analysed and there was not a single trace of cannabis found in any of it. I cant actually say what was found in it because my mind is a bit fuzzy about it but i know there was lettuce,tar, rubber, ash, nail clippings, grass clippings, petrol and a whole host of nasty shit. Again, if you do smoke this, please stop. Long term you don't know what damage its doing to you. Save your cash and find a good dealer. Preferably not some shady guy down an alley.

Nowadays i smoke to medicate. Ive been getting horrible tremors throughout my body, blinding headaches, reactions to smells and just not been able to eat at times. Not to mention the insomnia. All symptoms of fibromyalgia. I have been battling depression for nearly 2 years now and i am thankful that i am starting to get on top of that now. I know I'm still a long way off but its nice not to feel such despair anymore. Its hard when you have a chronic illness not to feel this way. I felt like i had been robbed of my life and health. There are still days i feel like this but they are starting to become more and more rare. I also have anxiety disorder which is horrible. I find it very difficult to meet new people. Once you know me I'm fine but i am always aware i come across as been either rude or just weird. But I'm not. I find meeting new people very overwhelming and i just clam up. I go into a blind panic and never know what to say. Its hard for people to understand this i know and its harder to explain. I can be the most talkative person when I'm typing and voicing my opinions etc but face to face i go to pieces until i get to know the person. Cannabis helps all that. It relaxes me and helps me chill. It helps my tremors, the pain, headaches, nausea from meds, helps me to sleep.It gives me hope.

I've never lost a job or a relationship over it. I don't smoke a joint or take a bong hit and go kick the face of someone, make bad decision's, sleep with a random dude or damage property. Hell, i don't even go outside. Now lets take the 4 drunk people i heard last night.. screaming at each other, one telling the other that she was going to get her face kicked in. the other shouting back, how she was going to smash her house up and the 2 lads screaming at each other to 'keep their birds under control or he'll end up with a broken jaw'

I smoke to keep my symptoms under control. Ive never touched any hard drugs in my life. I don't drink nor tobacco smoke. Ive never been in trouble with the law. Do i deserve to go to prison because i smoke weed? No i don't and neither does anyone who has an illness that can be made easier by smoking or ingesting weed. As Richard Ashcroft once sang, the drugs don't work..they just make you worse. My meds are so disorientating and strong. Why should i and countless others have to suffer for the sake of a few right wing shriekers wringing their hands screaming about the children. Lets have a proper adult conversation about this. No more lies and 'reports' that are outdated. Proper facts. Let the public have the truth and make up their own minds.

If you are sick of been told what to do, then research this stuff yourself. Read the facts. Look at how you are been lied too time and time again. I know a lot of people who don't smoke yet are in favour of legalising at least for medical purposes. My own boyfriend doesn't smoke yet in hugely in favour of it been legalised. When you read the countless stories of people with cancer and various illnesses who use cannabis in preference to pharmaceuticals and survive and bounce back so much quicker, you cant possibly still say its a bad thing. Just educate yourself and make your voice count when it matters.