Monday, 29 July 2013

Hello. im a Random Blog!

I'm in a very random mood tonight. I had a session today that's left me wondering all of existence really. So I'm pretty tired but strangely awake. Even Michael's gone to sleep. So its just me, Sweet Mary Jane and Robert Plant. Speaking of which,I'm on my second copy of Mothership/Led Zeppelin and the thing is skipping already. Seriously. The second copy. i know i play it a lot but i only have this one a few months. If it was Justin Bieber i bet that mother fucker would never skip! I had a heart stopping moment when my Royseven CD start skipping to but upon further inspection my 12 year old stereo is just knackered. Before anyone starts banging on about downloads...Just no...I like having piles of Cd's and a stereo. You don't get that quality sound from a computer that you get from a stereo. But to get back to my point, the CD is skipping and it isn't the stereos fault. Theres an actual scratch on it. I'm just unlucky when it comes to this album.

I also got into a friendly debate with someone today who is strongly against weed. The conversation just sort of swung that way. I wasn't quite mentally prepared for it at first but then i put my view across quite nicely with the person backing down in the usual 'ah i don't know much about it really' way. I hate that. Its like religious sheeple on facebook. They throw a few biblical quotes at you then they run out of steam. I would say thoughts but there isn't a single original thought there. This also happens with atheists too but more band wagon atheists. I find it all really boring now, occasionally ill find an interesting debate but ultimately the village idiot walks in and inserts a 'witty' remark and everyone kind of just walks away. I tend not to get involved in religious stuff on facebook anyway. Its like mecca for idiots most of the time.

Unless its cannabis related. Actually that's not true. I had someone tell me recently they got an ounce for 50 quid. I laughed and said yeah of soap and in all seriousness he said 'no man, this is the real deal. Bob smoked this shit' (this was online on a forum or a page i cant remember) I think i laughed for about 5 minutes straight. Imagine Bob Marley smoking soap bar. He insisted it was the best shit in town and how hes been smoking for years and knows his stuff.. I went on to point out how expensive real hash actually is and how it isn't supposed to be 'soapbar' shaped. But he kept insisting. Then i thought 'ah shit maybe hes like, 16 and doesn't know any better' so i said 'dude how old are you'... 37 was his reply!

Another observation from the world of Facebook is the sudden explosion of Hunter S.Thompson memes. Don't get me wrong, HTS is pretty awesome and do read his work if you haven't but why now all of a sudden is it cool to make a HST meme? I missed the memo that day. But the 'yay its friday' and 'oh no Monday is here' posts have stopped. Evey single page was doing that for months. It was really pissing me off. First world problems and all that. But the thing was none were actually funny. I have not come across one meme like that, that has made me think 'now that's funny' They seem to be creeping back in this week though, Also my friends thought it was highly entertaining to put said memes on my wall or on my Twitter. That was funny though in all fairness. Tip of the day: never let friends know what annoys you ;)

Have you ever known of an artist or group but never really listened to them as such. Its been like that with me and Sinead O'Connor lately. Its so weird when a song that may be out years, you may have even listened to it over and over but suddenly it makes you REALLY listen one day and it is describing exactly whats going on in your head. I had that recently too with a Royseven song 'the Big Blue'  as well. But for whatever reason right now Sinead is singing my kind of music and that's just fine with me. Because ive been so down and not enjoying life as i should be, i even lost interest in music. Which was horrible. I love music and love a real storyteller in song. I love Leonard Cohen, Iron and Wine,The Who,  Ray Lamontagne,Conor Obsert, Janis, Zeppelin, Ash, Flaming Lips, Calaxico, Bright Eyes, Muse,Royseven, My Morning Jacket..that kind of stuff. I like the fact i can put on any of that music and its just good. But the past few months nothing was really getting me, except Royseven maybe.. Yeah Royseven was all i listened too.

I'm also thinking of doing some courses in September or so. I don't think ill be able to keep a regular job in general because of my Fibromyalgia. In fact i haven't been able to work for a few years now. 33 and washed up! Ive spent too much time 'mourning' my past life and nothing is going to change unless i do it. I'm a fairly talented artist that just doesn't believe in herself anymore. I'm kind of thinking of maybe doing some kind of art course again. Like a year refresher course. Start from scratch maybe. I'm definitely veering towards Graphics again because i have a few ideas for cartoons and stuff but don't really know where to start. Most stuff is self taught anyway if you are interested enough.

Lol..quick break from paragraph as i re-read the last line i wrote..I'm am way too high lol Dafaq did i just write lol.. but its my random blog and nothing gets deleted....

So yeah, as i was saying....

I need to do something that enables me to make money but that I'm not restricted to a shop or an office. I'm pretty sure if i learned a few new arty tricks i could potentienally see me been able to work from home at least. Nothing really drags you down than not having an income coming in and you are powerless to do anything about it. I guess rather than thinking about what i cant do, i need to focus on what i can do. Even if it takes a while to get there. :D

I hate myself for using LOL and :D i over use them waaaay to much but its so hard not to do it. I swear, pick someone you converse with on a daily basis online. You'll know who to pick. Now try having an entire conversation with using LOL once. Use haha instead. ( look at how weird it looks) The first one to write LOL loses. it seems simple but seriously its fucking hard. I tried this with Michael and we lasted like, 2 minutes tops. Funny as hell though lol..see i cant stop writing it. The creepy thing that we all know but no one says, is the fact that no one actually laughs out loud. Its just stone face loling.

My music has gone from Led Zeppelin to The this a good thing? Look at their faces..what could possibly go wrong?!

Mike Nesmith looks bemused in this picture.Like he knows something the other Monkees don't. Davy Jones looks completely bewildered like hes just saw boob for the first time and is unsure how he feels about it. Peter Tork is totally digging the men here..that or hes checking out someones kitten toe heels thinking 'ummhmm gurl they are faaabulous' and Mickey Dolenz..well what can we say about Mickey here. Hes either giving an awkward 'gunfinger' to someone who is going to beat him to death or he saying 'i just fucked your daughter upon meeting the parents for the first time. This is really random even for me! lol I am digging them right now ;)

Though 'Your Aunty Grizelda' is actually creeping me out right now!

I recently had a whole childhood flashback recently as i discovered that every single episode of Animaniacs was up on You Tube. Such a hilarious cartoon. Pinky and Brain..who doesn't love them?!   if you are interested. :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

Things that happened to me today and other stories

(1) I  went into town today to meet my friend,Ash.  when I  got on the bus I took my back pack off and punched someone in the head. I  think my horrified  face and stuttered apologies had him laughing more than what happened. FML

(2) I  nearly missed  said bus as I realised  all 5 of us standing at the bus stop looked like we were out of a specsavers commercial  because we all had the exact same glasses on and we were  standing in formation without realising.

(3) One of the guys at the bus stop looked like Leonard  from Big Bang Theory.

(4) I saw journalist Olaf Tyaransen and wanted to throw something at him.

(5) Paul Walsh from Royseven tweeted me back to say that 'Sidelines' wouldn't be on their new album.

(6) Sparkling up a doobie, I nearly burnt my nose off because I had the flame set too high. I need to stop fiddling with flammable stuff.

(7) Realising some people have very short legs in relation to their bodies. They have a long upper body and tiny legs. That freaks me out. It looks abnormal.

(8) I fucking hate the 27 bus

(9) I don't give a shit about the royal baby been born so don't ask me how I feel about it.. I'm Irish not British..though I do have a bit of British in me....if you know what I mean.  ;)

(10) I have some amazing friends, family and a very patient, loving boyfriend

(11) This heatwave going on the last few weeks is unreal. It's too continue for some time and makes me fear for the winter. It can't be this good without something bad happening in the winter. 9 weeks of snow is my pessimistic thought..

(12) I definitely prefer Autumn and Winter. Snow and all!

(13) Seagulls don't sleep at night. At least not the ones here. The ones that decide to hold conferences outside my fucking window every night. They are at it now. Screeching at each other. Each caw caw torments me, they mock my efforts to sleep.

' sure is quiet..perfect time to sleep. Be a shame if a flock of seagulls were to come along and sing you the song of their people..
cawcaw mother fucker'

(14) I fucking hate seagulls

(15) How awesome is Halloween? I love it. I love the smell of bonfires. The chill in the air. The strangeness of the night. Costumes. Fireworks.

(16) Then it's Christmas. That can only mean one thing.. Dr Who Christmas special :D

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Paranormal Activity

So here I am again at 2.30am. 2 things are keeping me up. One is the excruciating pain in my knee (I have put so much anti inflammatory gel on it but no relief) and two, there seems to be an increase in activity in my house. By activity I mean things that go bump in the night. I don't know if you believe in spirits and things like that but I do. As a kid I used to see things for the briefest of moments, would identify who 'visited' by smells, knew about family members that I didn't know existed. For instance I told my mother that she had twin brothers, named them both and told her they died when they were one year old. She only knew of them but wasn't sure  of the names and stuff but later everything I said was confirmed. Loads of stuff like that happened to me over the years. Even now I always know when someone is lying to me or hiding something. This always proves useful if someone is accusing you of something or distorting truths about you. Over the years I've learned that the truth  always comes out so I just leave it to take it's natural course and try not to worry.

The past week has been interesting in the house. To be honest I've been quite down and wasn't taken much notice of anything but every now and then something would catch my eye. I'd hear an odd sound. Even last week, Saturday I think it was I distinctly heard someone call my name. A man. But I was alone at the time. It freaked me out so much. Normally stuff like that doesn't freak me out so much but that did. Earlier, my niece Kayla came up to the house. My other niece Megan is here too but Kayla was just visiting. We were all in the kitchen chatting away and every now and then something would bang in the kitchen. My Ma and Megan were out all day so the radio was off. The sounds were so distinct and obvious were they were coming from and what was making it but the object wasn't moving. I didn't say much because I didn't want to freak Megan out. But the funny thing is I'm nearly sure it was my dad. See, the girls were talking horror movies and saying how scared they were at particular movies when Megan said something about not been scared at a certain movie. Just as she said that, the bang would happen. It's so typical of something my Dad would do if he were alive to scare them lol

Yesterday, I was in my room. My Ma had gone too bed too but we were both still awake. I heard what sounded like someone failing over boxes and chairs downstairs. I ran into my Ma asking if she had heard it. She was calmly reading a book and didn't hear a thing. I was so convinced we had been broken into. But once again, nothing was down there. As I'm writing this I can hear odd sound. It's hard to describe but I know I'm not imagining it. Earlier I went down to grab an ice pop from the freezer when  could smell smoke. I checked everywhere downstairs but it was all fine. It was a very distinct cigarette smell. My Ma smokes roll ups. They don't stink the place out like regular cigarettes and she was asleep by this time anyway. But the smell was only located in one specific area. As I checked it more it just suddenly disappeared.

A few minutes ago I went out to get some more gel for my knee when again I thought I heard someone say something. But it was muffled or hard to hear but it was something similar to say, a busy pub. The muffled low chat that goes on. It took me a split second to realise what I heard. But when I realized what I was hearing it just abruptly stopped. I wanted to go down and get some ice for my knee but I just got to scared to go down lol. Normally this stuff doesn't bother me as such so I don't know why I'm suddenly so afraid. I think it's just that right now if I saw a spirit in the kitchen I'd probably just pass out with shock lol. I'm not in the best form today and feel a bit fragile.

A year or so back I was downstairs playing my PS2 in the sitting room when I realised how late it was and decided to go to bed. You have to walk through the kitchen to get upstairs in my house, so as I went to walk through the kitchen for I saw my Dad sitting in his chair with what looked like a cup of coffee. I staggered against the fridge in pure shock and fright and curiosity. I'll always remember the next part for the rest of my life. He slowly turned to look at me but faded as he did. I stood there for nearly 10 minutes staring at the chair. I was too shocked to move. It took me a few days to absorb what had just happened that night. I feel very privileged that I saw what I did but man, my heart was coming through my chest that night.

Everything had been so quiet here the last year or so as well and I only said to my Ma how neither of us have heard or seen anything lately. I should keep my mouth shut in future lol

Randomness and Blah

 Its so hot here in Ireland the last few days. Too hot to even play. Why are consoles prone to heat up so much? I'm not actually looking for an answer, its rhetorical. It just warms up the room so much and when its already in the high 20 degrees it becomes unbearable. I know some people in hotter countries would be like 'guuuuuuurl 28 degrees is nothing yo' but it is here when its normally 6 or 7 degrees. Anyway my point is it gets too hot to play much . Which i hate!

Myself and Michael recently got Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 and completed it on all difficulties in no time at all. Its been out years now and you can get it for 5 euro. Its a pretty cool game and all just a bit short. Like when it was over it was that it? But a great game to pass the time with. We are going to get the first one as well at some point but we still gotta finish, Resident Evil 6, Crysis (which has become a firm favourite) , resistance3..actually we did finish that. That was pretty awesome. Killzone3, and I'm sure there one or two more on top of levelling up our Borderlands characters. Which never gets old. We have completed all the DLC too except for Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt. Which is punishingly hard but still fun :)

Do you ever feel really excited about something yet others don't join in on it even if it involves them? I hate that. You want to just talk about it and make stupid plans even if they come to nothing. I hate that.

I kinda over did things yesterday too.  Myself and my Ma did a job on the back garden and washed the dogs. Then i re-arranged my room to make a bit for space for a special arrival and was absolutely shattered by the end. Now my body is protesting and my right knee, the one i dislocated a couple years back is throbbing with the pain. I have a weird headache too and just feel upset again. I am heading out tomorrow to a place called Howth, in Dublin. Its like a big fishing village. I haven't been there for a few years but i love the boats and the lighthouses and stuff. I remember going there in college to draw and was soooo cold. There were 4 of us at one stage huddled up pretending to draw but couldn't feel our fingers. The tutor came along and was like 'ah lads go on home its to cold' lol i think we all legged it to get a hot chocolate. But its so nice there when it is sunny and warm. Plus i want to take photos and bring my sketchpad. I'm feeling all arty and slightly inspired. I only live about 20 minutes from the beach here and am surrounded by coastline in any direction. Which i love. I hate feeling enclosed in somewhere and need to know i am near the sea. Howth isn't too far away either as its just a short train journey away :)

I'm also nearly 2 years with Michael in a few days time too. Its still hard to believe its only been two years. It feels a good way. I guess when you are just so comfortable with someone its like you cant remember what it was like without them. Not that i want too. Because despite all the interfering, lies and jealousy we are still together and very happy. Admittedly i haven't been the easiest to be around the past 6 or 7 months due to personal reasons but no matter what i say to him or lash out at him for hes always there to talk me down. and just says the right thing. It hasn't always been easy and we have both made mistakes because of ourselves and mostly because of others but I'm looking forward to our future together and am happy that no matter what others tried to say or do to tear us apart we stood together and are still going strong and just love each other regardless. Hes been my rock lately and has no idea how much he means to me.

Ive been watching a show on Netflix recently called Arrested Development. I'm so addicted to it. Its so funny and the characters are so funny. Theres cameos from all sorts of famous actors and its very well written. I just start watching it out of curiosity one day and now am on season 3 lol. Well worth a watch. I give it 5 hoofs up. There was a show called Bad Samaritans too. Its only 5 episodes but is very funny also. I hope they make more of them. I'd give that 4 hoofs up. I deduct a hoof for the shortness of episodes. Sort it out lads! I don't really watch T.V anymore at all.I prefer to either buy box sets or watch stuff on Youtube. The advertisements just piss me off. I hate been really stuck into a programme then an ad comes on for half price sofas. It take me out of my bubble and forces the real world on me. Then the show comes back on and i have an annoying jingle in my head. It grinds my gears as Peter Griffin would say!

Im just pure rambling here. I'm only writing nonsense cos my tablet is charging and i want to watch arrested development. Speaking of tablets.. If anyone out there is playing The Simpson's:Tapped Out add me as a neighbour. I need more my origin name is themadgiraffe...add Michael too hes Micol25 we need neighbours lol. That game is so damn addictive so feel free to add us both. :)

Ive just been attacked by a moth. A slow flying moth that i couldn't seem to catch.. Bastard!

My shoulders are starting to go numb with the pain so i think ill end it here for now. Until next time...........i don't know, be good and if you cant be good don't get caught!