Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Late Weary Blog

Its been a while since Ive blogged, I was over with Michael and since Ive come back i have been having bad flare ups. Today is the worst. My right hand and arm is really swollen and i have no strength in it at all. Ive been icing it up all day too.I keep losing power in my hips which is knocking me of balance and stabbing pains in my knees.  Ive had a headache all day and my eyes hurt from it. I haven't had a bad flare up like this in a while so naturally I'm a bit upset. I'm just pure worn out with all. I just want it to stop. I also have no weed and have been knocking back pain killers and applying my pain gel. It helps take the edge off but weed gets right to the core.I'm so sleepy too but keep waking up. Its so frustrating.

I had a great time away and didn't want to come back. Fuck knows Ive been dealing with enough shit the past year so it was nice to spend some quality time alone with Michael. I'm pretty sure we ate our own weight in pizza those two weeks I was able to buy a few games too for my PS2 as they were 99c each so it didn't break the bank. It put the idea in my head of saving for a bit then going to England and do a game shop as its much cheaper :)We went to see a few movies too which was fun. Its nice to do couplely things. Ive now seen the latest 2 Star Trek movies. I'm not a fan of the series as such but i enjoy the films. It was so hot in England too, i think it only rained for 2 days. We also met up with some friends and had a good laugh with Nic and Jaxs in particular.

One thing i had noticed in particular, well it wasn't until i got back from England was how relaxed i had been. The whole time i was away, even when i got a couple of flare ups it was just made more bearable by Michael. I'm sure i was snappy with him on occasions when it was bad because i was so frustrated i was getting flare ups while i was away. Its inevitable i know but it still doesn't make it any easier. One day, i think it was a Saturday i woke up to a blinding headache. I could barely lift my head. i was nearly crying with the pain. It lasted for hours. Even when i walked to the loo it was pounding with each step. I was pacing myself throughout the trip, like we went out one day and stayed in the next. But even still it happened. But he takes such good care of me when hes around , making sure I'm OK and stuff. He brought me up tea and snuggled me while we tried to beat each others score on Angry Birds lol He closed the curtains and put the fan on and tried feeding me chocolate, bless his cotton socks :) He did everything for me until i was feeling better. It was so nice to have him around like that. I miss him dreadfully.

In other news the PS4 is coming soon :D and the Xbox shall fail so I'm even happier about that. Seriously what were Microsoft thinking??!! Pre-order sales of PS4 are 3-1 on Xbox so far. I am super excited for it and want to order it soon. I'm allowing my 3 games initially. Ghosts and Killzone been 2 and i haven't decided on the 3rd yet. But my plan is too keep buying PS3 games until theres a good second hand market in PS4 games and only buy the ones i REALLY want for now. They will be expensive enough so no point in rushing to get them :) Also PlayStation plus is mandatory for PS4 which i don't mind as its well worth the money. So there will be games released on that too. I still need to get a Vita too :/ Argh so much stuff and so little money. But again, the amount of games free on PlayStation plus for the Vita is awesome. So its like, i just need to get the actually get the Vita and i  have nearly 20 games or something to instantly download so i don't even need to buy any :)

Ive played quite a few new games too but i am wiped out and going to leave it here for now. I will write another tomorrow because most likely i will remember everything i was supposed to write on this. I know there was a few things but the sandman is calling. :)

Goodnight moonbeams

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