Thursday, 9 May 2013

Star Trek, games and other Nonsense!!

S'up Shaundie girl,

'Who dafuq is Shaundie Girl' i hear you roar...Well, she's a character from Saints Row the Third and Michael and I have bizarrely taken to greeting each other that way all the time.. I even made up a song that i kept singing while we play this game..all dedicated the 'the shaundist girl of them all' She has become a living/not living legend in our eyes lol. Saints Row 4 is out a month before Grand Theft Auto 5 so we have a month of intense Saints Row 4 game play before we both inevitably wander of GTA 5's way because lets face it..Its GTA5 lolThose few months will hit gamers wallets hard, Saints row 4, GTA5, Batman, Call Of Duty Ghosts and of course the playstation 4.

Shaundie from Saint Row 3
So Michael bought some Star Trek communicators the other day and has informed me I'm to be Captain Jane Goodway ..or something and hes to be Captain Picard...i think. I listen, i swear but Star Trek goes in one ear and out the other lol.. I'm a Star Wars and X-Files kinda girl but they look really cool. Ive robbed his picture...
The Star Trek Communicators

         Ive insisted we get Light Sabres too..but I'm sure if he thinks I'm kidding lol.. Babe, I'm not ;)

Im very excited for Krieg The Psycho to come out on Borderlands too.That makes him sound like hes in the closet lol..But no, hes a brand spanking new character. He looks awesome Hes more of a melee based character with fire based skills so it'll be fun to play with him. Myself and Michael have levelled up 2 characters to level 50 and working on a third character. My favourite character so far is the Siren. I love her Phase lock ability, which is basically suspending enemies in the air and it can deal a lot of damage depending on what way you level it up. But you can still shoot your enemies and they die quicker. Useful in hectic situations. ;)

Krieg The Psycho
The next two games on the horizon hopefully will be Resident Evil 6 and Crysis 3. We need some new games to play. Oh yeah, I'm also going to be spending nearly 2 weeks with him towards the end of the month. I cannot wait. Its been toooo long. I get there on a Saturday afternoon around 6pm and then about 11 or 12 days just with  my monkey. He'll kill me for saying that lol but i don't care i just cant wait to cuddle him, talk nonsense,play games, eat pizza and go to sleep every night in his arms. Hes the best cuddler and always makes me feel good when i flare up. He just has a knack of making me laugh in spite of myself lol. I tend to take it out on him a bit when i get like that but no matter what i say or do hes so incredibly patient and tells me it'll pass and how its ok. I always apologise but he just shrugs it off. He never believes me when i tell him how amazing he is because not everyone has that level of patience. I hate when i get like that and it upsets me when i do. I don't have a handle on it yet but I'm on the right path now at least and am currently learning various coping skills. Its gonna take a while but i don't care how long it takes as long as i can be myself again :) And I've a pretty amazing guy beside me every step of the way.

 Imma marry the shit out of that boy <3 ;)

Oh i came across this link on youtube the other day and cracked my ass laughing so much at it.. Enjoy Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles..your welcome....

and Scientifically Accurate Spiderman

and again, your welcome lol, till next time MoonBeams