Sunday, 28 April 2013

Randoms and Games

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering"

Hello dumplings. Here's my random blog of the week. Im mostly trying to take my mind of the pain in my body. The pain is mostly located in my lower half tonight. From my hips right down to my ankles and I cannot relax enough to sleep and now it's starting to slowly creep up to my top half now :(  I havent had a flare up like this in a while now.  The the only way to describe it is , it's like having the flu all the time. Like, even your bones hurt. I'll eventually fall to sleep out of exhaustion.

I hate this type of flare up. It leaves me so fatigued and utterly wiped out. To pass the time mostly when im like this I watch YouTube. Everyone I know has gone to sleep so YouTube becomes my secret lover. It tempts me every night. I like to go on random YouTube searches. I'll watch say, a Ray William Johnston video..then Ill click a random one underneath and continue to do so till I end up in the weird part of youtube. That's where you find the good shit...mostly. Im subscribed mostly to game channels but also comedy,music and famous youtubers like Smosh, Shane Dawson, etc. I go on random Smosh/Shane Dawson or whoever marathons but always end up in the cat video section! We all do!

Come on admit it! ;)

I havent been playing to much lately because it turned out I pulled a muscle in my neck. Dont ask me how I did it because I do not know. I just slept weird or stretched to much. But it was very painful and it was so sore trying to play. So I have no random gaming madness at the moment..although. I did download a game from Playstation Plus called 'Thomas Was Alone' I had no clue what this was about at all when I downloaded it. But I enjoyed it....I think. It had hints of portal 2 humor and is voiced over by Danny Wallace of all people. It's basically a puzzle platform type of game that kind of reminds me a bit of Outland. (Another excellent game)  but the gameplay has to be somewhat precise as you play. If you've played 'Braid' before then think of the challenging gameplay there. It's starts of simple enough and as you play you left thinking it's all a bit to easy. You guide Thomas, who's a square, around a puzzlescape to a doorway and he's free..but then another one joins you and then another. Im assuming more join you but I only got as far as the 'john' character, the 3rd one before frustration took over :D

( I can see myself getting totally addicted to this just like I did with Flight Control or 4 Elements. Damn puzzle games and their fiendish addictive ways)

Here's a link to some gameplay of Thomas was alone if you are intrigued by it.

Im looking forward to the end of the summer..the end? I hear you cry, but it hasn't even begun! Indeed my friends but in September we have Grand Theft Auto 5, in October we have the new Batman game and in November, legend has it Gran Turismo 6...( though in fairness we had to wait 5 years between GT4 and 5) but hey! If it's true I will be extremely happy. There is also of course the new Call of Duty, most likely in November. That'll be nice as the campers will leave Black ops2 to camp on COD:Ghosts instead, leaving us fair gamers to play peacefully online.

I say 'peacefully'

In May, PlayStation Plus are giving away 5 free new games too including Hitman Absolution and Catherine. Both of which I really wanted so im a happy bunny. My next two to buy on my wishlist is Crysis 3 and Resident Evil 6. I covet them so much.

Ugh, daylight is starting to break. I should try sleep. Fuck you flare up, you've won this round! >:(

*mutters for hours*

Sunday, Religion and P.Cs

“You’ve never heard of the Millennium Falcon? … It’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.”

'Hey hey, so guess what? It turns out my old laptop works fine. I say 'fine' ... it turned out it was the plug that was broke. How i found out was, i was trying to update the tablet Michael gave me, an old windows one, with the latest Ubuntu but it didn't quite work and now i need a disc to reinstall an older version. Seems as if the tablet cant handle an OS beyond a certain time. Which is fine but left me with no way of getting online properly. Then i just chanced the plug in my old laptop, not expecting anything and lo and behold it worked. Its slow as fuck and takes nearly a half hour to get properly going but i figure ill just put it to sleep instead of turning it off until i go to bed.

Its running on Vista, which i loathe and my brother in law gave me Windows XP so i was going to install that but I'm not going to until i sort out the tablet first. I remember trying to put Linux on this heap of shit and it just wouldn't work. Its an old laptop and not much memory. Something is missing of it too and it wouldn't boot off a USB either. I fucking hate using windows. I find it slow, constantly updating and freezes a lot. On any computer ive used it on. I find Ubuntu much faster and better overall. It took 7 hours to defrag this computer yesterday and when i turned it on today guess what...yep you have 1 of 7 updates please do not turn of your computer.... i hate that shit. It just does it for you. Ubuntu just loads them all up and when your ready to update it , you just do it yourself and its done pretty quickly compared to windows. Once its done its done too. None of this crap of when you turn your computer back on you have to wait till your next birthday before you can use it.

A few months back everything just broke on me, my ps3, my laptop,my was so frustrating. Now my tablet, an archos one is completely unworkable. I was listening to music on it but accidentally hit off it and it smashed against a tin , cracking the screen. It always happens when you don't have the money to repair shit. I got a new 500gb PS3 in the end so at least that was something. The reason i didn't think it was the plug to begin with was because it was only a new one. I only had it about 6 months so i thought my laptop just died as it is old. But i don't think ill attempt putting XP on because the way my luck is going it wont work either and ill be left with nothing for months.

I'm would just love to be able to go in and buy a shiny new computer. I tried to sleep last night but couldn't for whatever reason so ended up playing Plants V Zombies till 4.30am. I have it on ps3 too but prefer it on P.C. I have a couple of other 'mystery' type games on this too...more for my Ma but I'm sure ill start playing them too. I do prefer playing certain games on P.C for sure and used to all the time. But i prefer my PS3 for games like Call of Duty, Resident Evil, racing games etc. Some just play better on P.C. I used to play Grim Fandango and Black and White mostly. But both of those games have mysteriously disappeared on me. :(

The screen on this seems so big too. I found loads of pictures and music i thought i had lost so i was delighted. I will be putting them onto a USB as soon as possible just in case. I'm not even sure the plug is the right wattage or whatever but works for now :)

I hate Sundays too. Its such a dragged out day. Theres a bored feeling in the air and everyone is like...ugh work tomorrow. Theres always that air of 'its monday' tomorrow. But thankfully the spate of 'its friday' and 'oh no its Monday tomorrow' posts have stopped on Facebook. I swear that did my head in. The 'give me coffee' ones have stopped too. Grumpy cat is starting to die down too. But atheism V religion still rages on *yawn*  I yawn because no one is saying anything new. No one is coming up with anything Witty as such. Its all recycled rubbish again and again. A few weeks ago a guy i had on Facebook put up a picture of a decapitated child. The body lying on the ground and the head just above the next and the caption read 'this is what your religion does'... I was so disturbed by the picture and saw this guy was quite militant in his beliefs. But i was more offended by the fact that he assumed that this child had died for religious reasons. It annoys me how people take stuff out of context to suit themselves.

People who don't believe, atheists, agnostics etc have enough to go on with without making up stupid and graphic memes to validate their views. Loads of people go mad when say the bombings in Boston went off. Yes it was horrible and it shouldn't have happened. But what about the Americans dropping bombs all over Afghanistan etc to 'flush' out Bin Laden or Hussein or whoever they decide is the scary monster..What about all those thousands of people that died then? They have bombed Afghanistan back to the stone age. Did America do it for religion? No..they did it for Oil and for Bush to try prove something to Daddy. Yet America are always talking about freedom for all and have their civilians under close watch. Everything is monitored there. They damn China for oppressing their citizens for taking away Facebook, Twitter and Youtube yet Homeland security know what you had for breakfast. If you are Atheist in certain parts or gay or anyway different you are practically run out of town. Years ago i wanted to move to the states. I was going  to g to an Art college in New York. I had a scholarship and hadn't told anyone at the time. I wanted to be sure i had it and stuff. But then 9-11 happened. I was planning on putting my scholarship of for a year to save and go the following year but everything got so fucked up in the states i decided against it. It was one of the hardest decision's i ever had to make. I worked my ass off for that scholarship but at the time i am glad now i didn't go given the state of everything there.

anyway i seem to have wandered of in all sorts of thoughts here so ill leave it here and entertain myself somehow :)