Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sleepless in Dublin

Great Golb 2 blogs in one night! i hear you roar.. Yes faithful reader, I'm here again burning the midnight oil so to speak. I cant really sleep so I'm playing Sleeping Dogs and blogging randomly throughout the game. I  really like this game. It was free on PlayStation plus this month along with F1 Race Stars and a couple others. Myself and Michael played F1 Race Stars yesterday for nearly 4 or 5 hours. Its great fun. Like Modnation racers but F1 style. We got loads of trophies, think i got 10 and he got 13 cos he played the single player while he waited on me to join. Hes had a few earlies this week and didn't sleep a wink last night so hes been more or less asleep since he got in from work so i decided to play Sleeping Dogs and answering his random 'suddenly woke up' messages lol. Hes been asleep now for a few hours straight. I hope he sleeps until he actually has to get up. I hate when he gets so tired like that. I feel so sorry for him because he has to deal with phone calls then for hours in work.Which id imagine is mind numbing at the best of times but to be so tired and trying to deal with the muggles..*shudders*

I really like Sleeping Dogs. Its like Grand Theft Auto but in Hong Kong. Theres loads of missions to do and you work for both the cops and the bad guys. You do favours for people as little side missions, beat up gang members, extort money. All the fun stuff. You can upgrade your Cop and Triad skills and unlock various styles of fighting.One thing i really like in the game is the ability to ram the car chasing you or the one you are chasing. Tap square and you ram them of the road. Its pretty sweet.  I loved the Demo and wanted to get this game, so when it became free i grabbed it right away. Its well worth a go and if you like GTA you will love this and seeing as GTA V isn't out until September this will do nicely. Though it is 15 quid for an ice cream in the game..which seems excessive! And 25 for a chicken on a stick. Daylight robbery i say. Theres 'lockboxes' around the city too.So keep an eye out for them.They contain clothes and money :)

I'm contemplating another J. Not to get stoned, that's just a bonus but more for medical reasons. I haven't been too well the past few days. I flared up pretty bad a couple days back and had a bad anxiety attack. I couldn't breathe and was just panicking about everything. Luckily Michael was on hand for me. He just kept chatting away to me and telling me to stay calm.Hes really great with stuff like that, i know he thinks he isnt but he does so much for me, he has no clue. I felt bad because he was tired and then this happened. Its a horrible feeling. Its like everything just comes crashing into your head all at once. It overwhelms you and practically paralyses you. Its like you feel like there is no way out and it just becomes suffocating. I absolutely hate it and i hate how vulnerable it leaves me. A couple of times i have been outside on my own and this has happened.It stressed me to the point that i collapsed and didn't have the energy to stand back up. That scared me a lot and now i sort have become a bit nervous going out. I wont go out durning flare ups..except for today because i had some important stuff to do but i am feeling the result of it now. My neck, shoulders arms and head are just burning with pain. The pain in my neck is giving me a bad headache too. But im off to bed soon as i publish this blog :)

Goodbye for now Moonbeams

( P.S. I decided against the J as i will fall asleep and it will be a waste of a J lol )

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