Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Giraffe ramblings

This will most likely be a very short  blog. I am finally coming out of the horrible breakdown over the weekend but feel exhausted. I feel like I could literally sleep for days. Waking up only for food and to pee lol. I am very comfy in bed and it is raining outside. I feel really snug and warm and it's nice not to have my head going around and around in overwhelming circles.

It's a really weird feeling for me to be sleepy. Most nights I battle with myself to go asleep but the last couple of days I took some pills to help me sleep and ive barely got beyond 12. Tonight I forgot to take them but im really sleepy now. It's a good place to be.

I have friend staying with me next week for a few weeks. So that should be fun. Then my cousins wedding in Cardiff and spend time with Michael that week too. Providing my passport comes through in time *fingers crossed* I've been reading a lot about the ps4 which should be getting unveiled soon. The new controllers look awesome. I still want to get a vita and a wiiU though ;)

Something ive observed lately on facebook, particularly on pages that you might 'like' is they are putting up pics of themselves or asking if anyone wants to see pics of the admins. If it's not that it's them putting up status' or saying something in order to get a shit load of compliments of random people they dont know. Some of these admins think they are God's,the bullshit they come out with. I've unliked quite a few pages the past few days for this reason. Self congratulatory nonsense for a 'fan' page or a comedy page. They content you expect is in the name of the title but noooo.. Click onto any random page and they at some point today have either,(1) put admins pics up.(2)ask who the best admin is (3) ask who the worst admin is.. And so on. It's just so boring now. I remember a couple years ago just having a bit of banter with loads of people nearly every night. Now hardly anyone is on it.

Another thing that annoys me on Facebook is the same admins taking 'geeky' pictures of themselves and then talking shit about been a nerd, been too pretty and other just hate on them and using really bad language thinking they are so bad to the bone. It impresses noone. Or my favorite 'yeah id eat a girl' shut up no you wouldn't. Your living in your fantasy world of gumdrops and fairytales. A magical land where all you pretend to be is true.

They just annoy me. Or pages posting the exact same post. You look through your newsfeed and you see the same picture over and over again. Like Grumpy cat. The funniest thing ever until certain pages went nuts on grumpy cat and lo and behold a million memes came out. All pretty much saying the same thing. It killed the joke.

Ok I better park it here as im nearly asleep lol Till next time moonbeams :)


  1. You're one to talk about over using grumpy cat babe lol

  2. I only put up the ones that are genuinely funny