Monday, 25 February 2013

A Late Rant

So tomorrow, technically today I have a friend come stay with me for a while. Which will be fun. As the first day will just be spent just getting pure stoned,having a catch up,listening to music and getting stoned some more. Before he inevitably crashes out at 9 lol.  I haven't seen him in a while now so it will be a nice distraction for a few weeks. Im in bed now,it's 1.30 am but im in bits. I spent the day tidying up the spare room with my mother, had to finally tackle the dust bunnies in my room and do shopping. But I am feeling it so bad now. My back is absolutely killing me. I have pain shooting down my legs and my knees are just throbbing. This all after a horrible headfuck of a weekend.

I had a bit of a weird episode over the weekend. Im not going to go into too much detail as I dont want to bore anyone but it really brought it home to me I guess how fucked up I feel. Another friend of mine is suffering from depression too and it really helps us both to talk to eachother. I guess we both see if one is getting a tad 'eccentric' and usually jump in to help.  My computer wasn't working over the weekend so I only saw certain comments on her wall after and felt bad cos it was like I dropped the ball. It seemed to long after to bring it up as it is a sensitive subject (the particular comments) and felt it was better to have not said anything..but now im thinking , no I should have said something. We both agree though that cannabis is helping us more than the anti depressants. The ones that I am taking aren't addictive. There's no dependancy on them at all. Im not a fan of pharmaceuticals at all. Im highly suspicious as most are just placebos or can do more harm than good.I would always be highly skeptical about 'happy pills' but it takes hitting rock bottom to realize it's ok to get help. I spent the last year or so 'trying' to pretend I was ok. Hiding behind the facade. I dont ever want to feel the way I have the past few months. It was horribly isolating and very damaging.

I was able to switch my meds overnight. I was told they take 2 weeks to really kick in. Im on my second week now. So fingers crossed I'll start feeling a bit better and stop feeling so blue. Michael has been so supportive the past few weeks in particular. It helps to have people that you can bounce off and chat too. But he deserves a medal. :)

I know I had something else to write about but I cannot remember. Im getting a lot of friend requests on PS3 lately for some bizarre reason lol. Must be my awesome skills ;) likewise one night my Twitter exploded and had about 15 people follow me in less than an hour then I woke up next day with 10 more followers. I never thought I'd be the Twitter type, in fact I was quite against Twitter. I thought it was nonsense but a friend asked me to join to give her more followers lol and I did. Now im addicted to it. Thanks Adriana lol.


If you have Twitter add me and I'll follow back, search....


I usually put my most random thoughts there. If by random I mean stoned :D so dont expect anything exceptionally profound or life changing. Just me usually talking about finding the best cheese puffs or having first world problems! :-)

I did something odd today and probably will confuse some Spanish guy. He added me after we played Red Dead Redemption online and send me a message with one Spanish word. I had no clue what it meant and googled it. It turned out to be something like 'friends' or 'posse' or something I cant quite remember. Thats not the odd bit. The odd bit is, I went and got google to translate 'I dont speak Spanish im sorry' and messaged him back. Then I thought, 'i just told him I dont speak Spanish yet I sent him a message in Spanish' lol another weird thing that happened in Android related news, the stock keyboard I have on my phone is a random racist keyboard. Among other things it has 'predicted' for me I was messaging Michael the other said and mistyped as I often do and was meant to wrote the word 'said' instead it came out 'saud' which lead to the prediction 'a Saudi assassination' I shit you not. When I use the word 'muggles' it predicts first miggles then 'niggles' then the  N word. I often write 'lop' instead of 'lol' too. This annoys me so im sure the recipient of the message is pretty irritated by it too :-)

Another thing that annoys me so much is when people write the wrong way on purpose. For example......

'hey bbz, w@nNA cum ovr2 mine b4 we goez tew d@ klub, im wering mai shawt skirtz cuz I lyk it'

it's not 1995 people. Most of us have smart phones. You aren't even limited to 140 characters so stop writing like a 4 year old. And in other news,  'that' has just dropped the 'h'. It's now spelt 'tat' and 'thought' is now 'taught' and 'baby' is either 'baybeh' 'bebe' or 'bbz' It really gets my goat, there's no need for it. Spell properly damn it. I can understand if you have problems, dyslexia etc but the majority of you dont. You got an education. Stop been so damn lazy and spell properly. It's ok on Twitter, everythings always ok in Twitter. You are tied to a certain set of characters. But not on On Facebook you can write what you want in a huge status window. No limits. Unless Zuckerberg wants you dead.

Then you're fucked.