Sunday, 20 January 2013


I had planned to do a short blog on how sick Ive been but my boyfriend has done one too so now it seems like I'm copying him haha His can be found N'here

His was a bit different to mine. Ive been sick for nearly 5 weeks now. I have hardly ate a thing in 5 weeks. The weight fell off me and i look very drawn and tired. I kept feeling nauseous and kept getting bad stabbing pains in my stomach and in the middle of my back. I went to the doctor last week and he put me on anti nausea tablets and another type to clear a virus. He said he reckons i have Gastrointestinal virus but if its not gone by Mon or Tues Ive to get bloods done.

Admittedly i felt a bit better after getting a 14 hour natural sleep last night. I say Natural sleep because i don't sleep the way i used to or the way you do. With my fibromyalgia i just don't go into that natural deep sleep humans go into. I go into a shallow sleep and usually for 3-4 hours . But last night i was so worn out myself and Michael stopped playing at something like 11 and both went to bed. He was still a bit awake but i couldn't keep my eyes open and fell asleep until 2.30pm.. Its the longest Ive slept in over a year, properly i mean. But i fear i may have spoken to soon as i am starting to feel a bit nauseous again..Ho hum

 Its so weirs though because normally when Ive lost my appetite theres always one thing ill crave and it helps get my appetite back and that's a good ol' 3 in 1 .. That's what we call them here in Ireland. Its from a Chinese and its Fried rice/chips (fries) and curry sauce.. I always crave that when I'm sick but not this time. Or the jalapeno poppers in Burger King, which are little balls of batter with melted cheese and bits of jalapeno in it.Then theres chocolate too.. But none of these things made me crave food. Every  time i ate anything i was getting sick or feeling sick. My mother has a lovely Sunday roast on, chicken, roast potatoes,Brussel sprouts and Yorkshire puds but I'm actually feeling so ill again hope i can actually eat it :(

It seems so many of my friends and i all have been having bad stress in our lives lately.When did life become so complicated? I'm hoping this year will be so much better and happier for everyone. You really need to get the trash out of your life before you can move on. I bear no ill will towards anyone who's fucked my life up in the past year or so. Some of these people just have something mentally unbalanced in their lives and i hope they can get sorted.Its sad really but not my problem anymore. My concern now is to get healthy and give my relationship with Michael 100% We deserve some happiness and a bit of luck this year. No more stress, damn it.Ive also applied for my passport which is taking forever to get back to me. I hear this is the norm but damn it i want to see my sexpot Mikey.

We are  half way through our 2nd, much harder playthrough of Borderlands 2. I am slightly obsessed with this game as you may or may not know. I fucking love it and just want to play it all the time. Its got to the point when Michael's like 'pick a game' I'm like you pick one cos I'm gonna just pick Borderlands..Its addictive as crack. I got like this with Resident Evil 5 too. ooh we haven't played that in ages either..i say ages i mean November. Haha I'm kinda getting my gaming mood back too. I'm nearly (finally) finished Black ops 1 but found the normal level too easy, except for the Khe Sahn level. It near reduced me to tears and rage but the Missions are quite easy on normal. My line up next will be to complete Deus Ex, Fallout, Bioshock 2 (in anticipation for 3) and Modern Warfare 2. I just kept playing MW2 in online mostly but i want to finish it. Oh and Call or Duty world at war. I like the ww2 Call of duty games. Theres something very personal with them, like you feel very attached to particular characters. I was so upset playing Modern Warfare 3 and certain characters died. you become so attached haha.. But i have around 100 games for my PS3.Some are just for the craic like, Kung Fu Rider or puzzle type games but my plan is to finish them this year.With the anticipation of Grand Theft Auto5, Bioshock Infinite etc coming out not to mention i want Farcry3 and Hitman too. It sucks been so broke all the time.

And there i go on another game rant haha.. I will be doing blogs on various consoles etc soon Ive just been so sick i haven't had the energy.Also about my dislike for apple and why , after using it now i think Ubuntu/Linux is my now preferred choice of OS. Strap yourselves in ....


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