Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Some decent people out there....

I just thought id blog about something horrible that happened yesterday.. So i went over to get a couple things in the shop and had to get a stamp in the Post office. A little girl who had down syndrome about 4 years old was in front of me. She kept popping out at me and i was was pretending to be frightened.The queue was quite long and this was going on for a while. But it amused her no end and her laughter would melt the most frozen of hearts. Then she kinda banged into a guy in front and he turned around and shouted

'Keep that THING away from me, fucking Mongo'

I stood frozen for about 10 seconds looking at him in shock then i felt a guy behind me kind of pushed me out of the way and said to him.. 'you can either leave or be thrown out NOW APOLOGIZE' He wouldn't of course and 2 more guys came up and lifted him up and carried him out telling the security guards what had happened. He was told not to come back that he was banned from the shopping centre.The lads got a huge round of applause. It lightens the heart to see decent people left in the world :)

In this day and age it was shocking. Gone are the days when kids like here were put in orphanages etc. These 'things' are human too. They are just that bit more special. If you ever had the privilege to meet a child with special needs you know what I'm talking about, I had a little cousin Suzie, who was handicapped but at your peril would you feel sorry for her. She died when  she was 10 from heart failure. I think i was 12 or 13.I couldn't bring myself to go to the funeral as even at that age i knew seeing such a tiny coffin id start screaming crying. She was beautiful. Big blue eyes, huge head of blond curls. She looked like an angel. She just wasn't meant for this world but we had the privilege of knowing her for 10 short years. Her little brother who was severely handicap died 3 months later. He was 4. My aunt had fostered suzy for 10 years. Her birth mother couldnt handle 3 kids all with disabilities. It was a horrible time but even now we still talk about her, her obbsession with always looking good, she never went anywhere without her hairbrush, the teasing she'd give you.. Every now and then she'll pop into my head and still makes me smile. She left a massive gap in our lives.

So to hear that dirtbag yesterday made my blood boil. I used to mind a little girl Amy, who had disabilities too so its close to my heart

In other news i applied for my passport ages ago and still waiting on it. Its getting quite annoying. Its been about 5 weeks now. Ive emailed them today so fingers crossed. Really want to see Michael. Though its gonna be twice in a matter of weeks at this stage cos we are going to my cousins wedding in Cardiff in April. Im sorta hoping we can sneak in the new Dr Who Exhibition  thats in Cardiff too LOL But we'll spend a few days doing something too. Ill most likely be there now for his birthday at the rate the passports taking.. I just miss him so much.Its been too long.

Bit of a short blog today im afraid, its one of my resolutions to do more blogs , more everyday stuff and to showcase my artwork because im starting to paint again and have the creative bug flowing through me. :)

So ill leave it here moonbugs and dont be afraid to leave comments. Its totaly open now so you can anonymously do it now to ;)

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