Wednesday, 23 January 2013

So whats new Mr Magoo!

Poor's not going to be the same without it. Im honestly not a fan of stealing music. I love buying a CDs.I've around 700 CDs in total.a lot I know but each CD has a different history behind it. Personal stories..though Shakiras 'oral fixation' was a random stoned buy in fairness. I remember getting terribly giggly as I remembered the lyrics to 'whenever wherever' and buying it. Not my finest moment. But see the thing is, illegal downloads has ruined the music industry in my opinion. Im not going to say I haven't downloaded songs cos I have . But most of the songs have been out years and I also actually have the CDs. Im only guilty of downloading a handful of songs that I can't get anywhere. Like rare Conor Obsert/Bright Eyes once off songs that aren't on any albums. But I know people whose entire collection is illegally downloaded. I think it's wrong and as a result a shop like HMV,something like 90 years in business, now have staff doing sit ins to get their wages. It's a sad state of affairs and I for one, will miss going in and perusing for hours. Sure there's Tower Records and Golden Discs, but HMV just had something about it. It's the end of an era sadly.

I am very tired after spending hours in hospital today. Im in bed now and I just can't get warm. Im in a lot of pain and am quite upset. Always at night :( the nights like this, I just feel so alone. Chronic illnesses are hard to deal with at the best of times but somehow I always manage to make it worse. I say somehow, I know how and I shouldn't be around people. Im no good. Times like this I just miss certain people been in my life. I always say the wrong thing or I just can't get my brain to work quick enough to explain what I mean.I feel so stupid half the time. I should be just left on an island by myself.

I was told today I have chronic hyperventilation. Ill be starting a round of 'therapy' to get this sorted but can be quite common in chronic illnesses apparently. I just wish more information was available and people would understand more. They want to label chronic illnesses now as 'mental health disorders' which is going to have such a negative backlash to it. It's bad enough that say with Fibromyalgia,like I have, you spend years thinking it's all your head. Then you get diagnosed and you realize you aren't going mad. That it's real, it's painful,it's exhausting but it's REAL. Then to be told it's a mental health problem. It's messed up. It's detrimental in fact. But these 'experts' know dont they??!! Rhetorical question by the way ;)

Oh I start painting again. I did a canvas, did some crafting, specifically scrapbook pages and did some drawings and have another canvas prepped. :) I plan to also be a bit more active here so expect to be bored a lot.

Anyway just a short one for tonight just to vent a bit.

Laters, Muggles

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