Friday, 25 January 2013

Call Of Duty!

I find it kinda weird that I write a blog. I know I have a lot of people reading it but the comments never show that. Even if I ask specifically for people to give me feedback. Hell even my own boyfriend doesn't but will on other blogs. Maybe im just to boring I dunno. What do you want me to write about. Throw some ideas at me. Anything and I'll do a blog for shits and giggles. Want me to write a story? Tell me what you want in the story and I'll write review? music review? I'll give my honest brutal can comment anonymously, give fake name, anything just give me something to go on. Also I really should follow those who have followed me. It's not me been rude it just always slips my mind to do it but after I finish this I will follow you  :)

So the other night I went to play Black Ops online. I wanted to rank up a bit and wanted a break from the career mode. (which is BOSS) I can't believe I just said boss...aaanyhoo I decided id be social to and plug in my headset.  As usual the room was mostly guys ,as usually campers everywhere, as usual I screamed WHAT THE FUCK! So many times at the screen. I will never get campers or the 'boyfriends' the ones who go around in twos and you might kill one but the other will always get you. That does my head in. I have definitely improved so much in these games. My online kills average around 10 to 12 per match and I feel they would be so much higher if people didn't camp so much. It's ridiculous. I remember one match in the 'slums' a rather excellent level , I played a team deathmatch with a decent room and got 21 kills. Next game I got 17 then 20 ..then I accidentally quit out of the room and ended up in a bogey room and just got just 7 kills. It's frustrating.

The reason I even mention this is because I started playing Call of Duty World at War a few months back. I decided to try online to see how it fared. Not ONE camper in sight. Everyone running around and just having fun. I played loads of online games and really enjoyed myself. I didn't play so well cos I dont know the maps at all so was trying to find my way around. But I got a few kills in. I know a lot of people dont like the WW2 games and weapons, Michael doesn't at all. Which is unfortunate cos I like to play it. But id never dream of making or asking him play it. There's nothing worse than playing a game you hate for hours.

Say what you want about whether Call Of Duty is the best or that Battlefield is...the truth is, as long as you enjoy playing whatever game that's all that matters. I get so annoyed playing C.O.D but I also love getting annoyed if that makes sense lol. Campers get on my wick so much but fuck it's satisfying to get one. I like battlefield as well but I hate the fact you dont get an option to play privately with your friends.. Battlefield is a beautiful game visually and a bit more challenging but as a noob coming into the game the ability to play privately would be most welcome. To get used to the controls, firing etc. Unfortunately it's not there.

So im a C.O.D girl. I recently finished Black ops 1. To say the ending shocked me was an understatement. I actually was opened mouthed and thought 'm god Mason, what have they done to you' I love the fact that C.O.D has the ability to suck you in like that . That you become so emotionally involved with the characters and get a bit teary at certain deaths.

Myself and the better half finished Saints Row 3 today. If you haven't played this game and only played 2 you'd be forgiven for thinking SR3 would be poo. It isn't. I swear, if you need that little filler in between now and Grand Theft Auto V Get SR3 . It has sex dolls,it's has drug packages, it has gimp men pulling people around in carriages, it has Shaundie, sick vehicles,wrestlers and a giant fucking dildo as a weapon..why are you still reading this GO BUY IT.

My friend Ash gave me a load of PlayStation stuff today too. Microphones,buzz controllers,singstar games, ps2 games,original promos I was a happy bunny. I love it when stuff falls into your lap like that. My old original ps2 ,which I have since it's release day stopped reading certain discs so i knew it was on the way out. I have nearly 500 games alone for PS2 and its one if my firm favorites so this distressed me greatly when it started to fail. I sent out an SOS on facebook and ended up with 3 ps2s lol. But Im slightly day last year my friend Eoghan popped by and happened to mention he was on his way to sell his slimline silver PS2. Saying he hardly used it etc and had said I've a load of games for you I'll hardly get anything for them so take your pick ,whatever you dont have. I got an extra 15 games of him, (he had previously given me a folder of PS1 games too) a lot of classics I found hard to get and then he said if you need a PS2 sure give me 15 quid and its yours. I snapped it up naturally. I prefer the bulkier ps2 although the slimline looks sleak and sexy. It's just to fragile. There's more padding around the original ps2 it's safer or something :D

Im always keen to get bits n bob's for my PlayStations in general and wouldn't mind getting a multitap and another guitar for my guitar hero for 2 player mode. I really would love to get the drumkit too for my PS3. Id actually love to get the Beatles Rockband set. A drum,guitar,microphone,and a bass if im not mistaken.I remember seeing in sale in HMV for 50 quid but the boss was so big id no way of getting it home :(.. I also got 3 games a few months back that I always wanted  for ps2 which was Gitaroo Man,Shadow of the Colossus and Parappa the Rapper. It always pleases me when I find a right bargain. Gitaroo cost me 18e, shadow of the Colossus was 20e and Parappa was 15e but for such hard to get games, I hit the jackpot.

Im also getting back the rest of my stuff that was in storage on Sunday. That will be like Xmas for me. It's all my books,art stuff, DVDs,some games,CDs etc. I am going to be selling certain games too next week so I can get Far Cry 3. Particular ones that I'll be selling will fetch me a certain price and I have a spare boxed ps3 controller that if I get store credit for rather than cash I'll get something like 35e for it. Plus I have a camera to sell as my camera on my phone is HD and pretty much one of the best. So I dont need the camera as such. So hopefully they will take that too. Along with some DVDs and boxsets. I plan to just get store credit than the cash as it's a lot more and I can get a couple things out of it :) im a collector though so Its hard to part with them haha

Im running out of steam now so I best end it here. But please, leave a comment ,tell me I suck tell me im great, tell me a joke , I dont bite unless you ask me too ;)