Saturday, 22 December 2012

Games and consoles and junk...

The past few months Ive been mostly playing Resident Evil 5 and Borderlands. Both of which i never really played. I came to the party late. I have played Resi obviously on earlier consoles but never played 5. Then it was free on PSN so i got it and start playing it online with Michael. It became quite the obsession for weeks.Over that time we fished it on normal, then Veteran and are a good bit through Professional mode. I literally screamed at this game, particularly at Wesker. Hes definitely one of the hardest bosses Ive come up against. But man, did i have fun. Its kinda been a long time since i had a game i got really absorbed with. I mean, i get absorbed with call of duty, i cant remember how many hours Ive spent playing Call Of Duty but i remember thinking Woooah.. its a lot i know that much. But Resi i just was just itching to get back to it all the time. I had such a laugh playing it with Michael, i tend to get quite jumpy playing horror games.I'm such a girl with games like Resi and F.E.A.R.. i actually dropped my controller in fright a couple time and have jumped out of my skin with Resi.But i love the little Adrenalin rush you get playing these sort of games. Hearing Michael shriek 'what the fuck' when he gets attacked or something its the funniest thing ever.

I now have a new 500gb PlayStation and I'm loving it *don't sue me McDonalds* Its one of the new slimline ones.Its dangerously delicate.Instead of the sucky action of inserting the game mine has a slidey shelf.Now on one hand, this is perfect for lens cleaning etc without having to take it apart. But on the other its mad delicate.Definitely not a console if you have kids in the house. But mine stays under the desk. I will get my other one repaired next year at some point but I'm liking the fact i have 2 different designed PS3s. Its just the collector in me loves this and when i have the spare cash ill get the fat version.Its like art. Its a bit noisy console though.That's the only fault i have with it. Its quite noisy. My old one was nice and quiet. The old one is a 320gb and i still had loads of room on it. I only ever really keep the games i play the most and download something only when i want to play it. I cant understand people who want everything on the console. you always only get stuck into a game at a time. Its not I like to think of my downloads as a virtual collection, adding more and more each time.Its like a lucky dip going into you're downloads and seeing a game that you completely forgot about and fall in love again. Well in all fairness with my Fibro Fog every time i look at my games i think 'oooh crysis or ooh batman etc its like getting a new game every time.

But yeah, Borderlands has become one of most favourite games ever. The entire game Michael and i played it,i never enjoyed myself so much. Hours we spent playing it. I'm nearly Platinum with that game in my trophies. He already had the DLC for it so i got it myself and we flew through it all. I love clap traps revolution and the Island of Dr Ned most. Then the soppy fool surprised me by getting Borderlands 2. Hes an assassin and I'm the new Mechromancer mode. Its just been so much fun. I love when a game just takes you away from everything like that. I think the new monsters and creatures to fight are pretty awesome in 2 and i just love the cel shaded colouring of the game. I love Okami on PS2 for its graphics alone. Amazing watercolour graphics.

I could spend hours talking games.Its really my passion.I have a modest collection but i plan to expand when i can.Ive also got very specific in my collecting. The games that i really want i will pay that bit more for the game to be in full Copy In Display ,or CID for short. I will always pic up a few loose carts too when i go to RAGE in Dublin.50 quid would get you a bagful of cartridge games. I like the sheer randomness of liking the game art on a cart thinking it cant be that bad. Its always 50/50 lol but i just love games for the art and design on various consoles and PC's. from the Atari to PS3 I love the fact that so much work went into the artwork on an atari game to make it look exciting and crazy then you get a pixelated game. LOL its just history and childhoods right there.

Argos are selling a flashback console, Atari 2600 with 2 controllers and 60 inbuilt games. I have never wanted anything so much in my life. I have collections of Atari games but nothing beats using the button and stick and settling down for a night to find yourself still playing at 6am. I'm defiantly going to treat myself one night over Xmas just to play my retro consoles. Have a load of doobs rolled, cheesy snacks ready to go and a bottle of water and some Panzer Dragoon Twei and Mario Bros but mostly Luigi's Mansion

'marioooo oh Mario where are yoooou'

Anyway I'm just rambling really. I just had so much fun playing with Michael lately.I mean i always do lol but theres just certain games that were just awesome to play with him in those particular games. Its always a giggle with him.WE are currently working through Saints Row 3 and will be playing a surprise i got him for Xmas ;)

and to end here is a pic  ALF