Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Oh Hai

It's been a while,it's been a while. Im in bed at the moment.have been for most of the night. The past couple of days have been bad Fibro wise. I feel quite nauseous,have a nagging headache,pains in my fingers,sternum and arms. Thankfully the thoughts aren't there . Just good old fashioned pain and sheer exhaustion. Lol

Yep winter is fast approaching and it's going to be hell. Soon I have to go get a few jumpers to keep the bone chilling shivers I experience,a housecoat and really warm slippers for those days when I don't have much energy and stock up on some good books.

I've also recently had some amazing ideas for some artwork too that I'll be starting soon. Im also going to visit my nephew on Friday all going well. I haven't seen him for a while now so it'll be good to have a bit of craic with him. Lol hanging out on campus been irresponsible again is the plan for the night . I'll bring spray paint and write
                  'screw you Dean'
at the square professor who doesn't know how to be young and hip and 'down with it'

(although the college has no deans. This is all in my head you see. I watch to many movies) 

I had a lot of fun last week as Michael was over for a week. It was so hard to say goodbye at the end :( Things are going so well between us lately. We have never been happier. We gave had a sad time a while back and we both were possibly a bit weird with eachother. I know I for one, reacted badly to it and pushed him away but I'm also happy that we came out the other side,together and stronger than ever :)

Im really not feeling to good so im going to park it here.I do have a lot of geek talk coming soon I think. There's a few games I wanna talk about lol..Largo Winch im coming for you bitch! Till then......


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