Tuesday, 25 September 2012

It's 4am!

So i noticed that this blog has very nearly hit 3000 views. That's really mind boggling to me. It's like, i cant believe so many people have read my insane warblings. I don't make a lot of sense most of the time but it's pretty cool that some people take an interest. So thanks to any one of you that keep coming back.

I had wanted to do a blog for a long time but felt to self conscious to do one. I think Michael started to do one before I did but that's not the reason I started though some people think it was. Lol.. As if im one of those 'sheep' I've always found writing very therapeutic and this is one way of releasing steam.

I've had one of those days where I really tried to explain something to someone. It just came out really wrong and now my mind is completely in overdrive and i cant sleep. I just feel so bad. I pretty much fuck up everything in my life. I just don't know sometimes why I'm here sometimes. I'm just one of life's little fuck ups. I started of life as a 'little mistake' so it stands to reason :/

It's near 4.30 am. I have the most awful headache and can't sleep. I feel so tired too but it's like a vice grips on my head. I can feel the start of a fibro flare up. The weather has turned quite nasty here so my body is a bit messed up now. Sometimes I don't ever think I'll get used to having fibromyalgia. It must do wonders for my appearance as people often remark at how great I look and how they would never know i was ill lol

It's so windy out. I swear it's like haunting nearly. It's really comfy in bed though. I love been in bed when it's raining outside. It's so much better when there's someone to snuggle with but alas im alone.

I really should try sleeping again.

That's a rather abrupt ending to this blog. I'll try jazzy it up more.. Hmm let's see..

So its time for me to embark on a cognitive adventure through time and space. A time for my dopamine to be released and a time for many a wonderful creature and man to gallop through my psychedelic mind and pluck from its tree of knowledge

Yes.. That'll do pig!

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