Friday, 17 August 2012

My Poor Dead Computer

2 days ago my computer finally gave up and died. I named his inner workings Batman. My location was Gotham Crime lab. He cost me 500euro six years ago. It wasn't very expensive and didn't have a lot of memory but it did the job. I had only about 4months ago updated the memory but it was futile. I kinda knew he was on his way out.

It was already on its second power adaptor, the cd drive had rather inconveniently stopped working one day for no reason, I defragged it, I cleaned up my files I did everything to keep breathing life into it. But he was on his way out. I knew it. He knew it but neither of us wanted to say it. We couldn't say goodbye.

He knew I was already looking around for a replacement. He saw my Internet history, and full of Alienware and graphics cards. But i have to move on. We had some good times. Like the time I accidentally opened some spam and an alarm went if on the computer. I nearly fell of my bed in fright, bashing buttons, panicking.. But he knew what to do and after a minute or so peace was restored.

The fruitless attempts I made trying to install was nuts.. I could never get it to install nor install from a usb. It was crazy. The day I accidently installed CHROME, that was the day everything start going wrong. Chrome works fine in Linux. But not in windows. Batman became slower much slower. He was less superhero and more fat man in a desert running through peanut butter slow. It was hella irritating to keep freezing all the freaking time. I'd be on chat on facebook and it would just stop. I'd disconnect but still be there..

Then my wonderful amazing boyfriend did some of his jiggery pokerey on the computers jiggers (its internals, i started calling them jiggers,. I really don't know why ) and he improved it so much.. But even he patted me on the shoulder as i hugged batman one day after some intensive work and said 'its the best I can do, I don't know how long it will last' His eyes said 'soon'

Then 4 days ago or so, I noticed the screen getting dark and bright. I knew it couldn't be the plug because it was only new. A horrible feeling hit me. I knew Batman wasn't long for this world. I just didn't think it was going to be as quick as it was. Then 2days ago I went to put it on. Nothing.. I tried everything, but realistically I knew he was gone to the great big Megabyte heaven in the sky..

The next computer im getting though I want a good graphics card and tons of memory for gaming.. I used to play on the pc so much before. The graphics are just so much sexier and there are so many good games out there for pc's.. I remember getting particularly obsessed with Black and White and some Mafia game that the name escapes me right now. LOL it was so awesome I forget it's name.

So now I am without a computer for how long I don't know. It's a really inconvenient time too as I do have stuff I need to do and badly need a computer. For now I will have to make do with Internet cafes and it's creepy clientele.

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  1. And you're going to call the new one batman returns