Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Im high again and heres some Randomness

So lately my life has been really stressful. As in aforementioned column, all that's been put to bed and life is a lot simpler now. My recent posts haven't been much fun and whathaveyou but not this one..probably.

(Although I have somehow fucked my knee up too.The very one i dislocated. Its a bit worrying I  have pulled my hamstring :( I'm going to the doctor tomorrow as well.Thatll be fun,Its so painful to walk more than 10 minutes and my doctor is a half hour walk away)

In my head I'm funny but I'm well aware that doesn't often translate well into the Muggle world and people think I'm strange and 'odd' LOL  Odd is such an odd word.It conjours up images of a bald man with a simple cartoon face, gormless with a green tank top and brown trousers..and just like that i prove my 'odd' point lol

I'm also listening to Sigur Ros. A crazily fantastic band from Iceland.They've been together since 1994 i believe. But whats so fucking awesome about this band is that they sing in 'Vonlenska' a contrusted language without semantic meaning which is like the Icelandic language. You interept your own meaning to the songs and inside most of the album covers are blank pages .So you can write in what the song says to you.The music is hauntingly beautiful and the lead singers (Jon Por Birgisson ) voice is chilling. I highly recommend checking them out :) Here's a link to one of their most amazing songs..

Oooh i have gourmet Jelly Beans..sexual jelly beans..Ive never been a jellybean fan before, pointless lumps of braincell killing sugar i used to think..and still do of regular run of the mill jellybeans.But these ones, oh my nongod..they are so many flavours like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which brings me to another point but ill get back to that..theres blueberry, pina colada,English blackberry,popcorn,all the red fruits you can think of, coffee, it goes on and on.I love them. mmm excuse me while i grab them....

Ok back..ooh pear..ugh jesus Cinnamon..why do the fuck does Cinnamon exist? Its evil and wrong. Jesus but, these are Delicious jellybeans.. and Irish too ;) All the best things come out of Ireland and i can only apologise for U2, but its better that they are in the open than trying to contain Bonos huge ego.It threatens to blow the whole world up unless we allow him out every now and then..But Canada? whats your excuse? Celine Dion? *shakes head sadly*

Theres a sudden change in tone.My Cd's switched from Sigur Ros to Katy Perry lol..I have such weird taste in music.

I'm also aware I'm essentially talking to myself here. Oh and Michael's coming over next week.Thatll be fun on all sorts of mad levels. I love when were together, we have so much fun. We try to do everything in the time we have together lol..We cant see each other every day or every weekend so its so good when we are together, We will be together a year durning that week. I cant believe its been a year already. And in that year we haven't been to the cinema once lol but we will be this time. 2 seats back row, Mr Cinema Guy ;) He makes me laugh so much lol OK I'm on the verge of going all gooey and making you all sick now so ill stop ;)

But we are going to go on a retro game buying day too.That's always fun but even better with Michael .Hes like a kid when he steps into R.A.G.E in Dublin and quite frankly i don't blame him.I could spend hours in there fingering through the games.Sniffing the boxes..not really...much..OK i do it all the time.. But they also do vinyl and record players.I have come to a point in my life that i stop and think.. 'i really should start collecting vinyl' I have  one so far, a pretty much perfect Led Zeppelin double album.Extra long versions of the songs and stuff.. Led Zeppelin are awesome!

Says 'she who is listening to Katy Perry'

Oh i was supposed to go into my Charlie and the chocolate factory rant but ill do it another time. Im ready to crash out and am seeing two keyboards now time to lie down methinks lol

Goodnight and many the moon gods brings us prosper and peace ...and stuff xx

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