Thursday, 7 June 2012

Atheists V the Crazies

So yesterday myself and Michael were unfriended on facebook by one of his friends who told him that the pictures on his wall, various poking fun at religious people/things etc offended her. A couple of other people put their opinions across too, some sat on the fence others joined with her opinion. I simply saw an attack on my boyfriend because he is atheist and believes in Science and fact and put, quite frankly, really amusing pictures up. Like many many other i don't get offended by this or by anything people poke fun at what i believe in.What i did say however, was something along the lines of all you have to do is simply unsubscribe to his notifications on facebook , check in yourself every now and then, simply if you don't like what you see you can control it.. to which people said if were offended its enough reason to take them down been friends etc. Fair point. But what you are asking someone to do is suppress themselves and who they are..erm didn't all manner of religions, Jewish christian Muslim etc, have to flee persecution..My my how soon we I pointed this out naturally and essentially pushing a good friend out of your life.. Which is exactly what this person did unfortunately. Shame, as i quite liked her.Also funny as she only said to me 4 days before, that she is open to everything and nothing shocks or offends her..except this obviously.But hey, i wish her the best and her two beautiful kids.

I don't know if id consider myself an atheist as i do believe in the spirit world just not in a religious sense. I have seen spirits .I have seen ghosts. As a previous blog explains ,Ive had many paranormal encounters. I cant turn around and say i don't believe.I was privileged to see what i did and i know there is life after death. So i cant call myself an atheist as they dismiss all notions of spirit and the paranormal. I guess id consider myself a Pagan. My ancestors were pagan until upon punishment of death they were forced to accept Christianity. Nice, huh? Accept God into you're life or well rape and stab your child in front of you..'Oh yes let me immediately take this 'God' into my life for he is all forgiving and loves me......but not enough just to leave me and my family alone'

Ive had so many arguments about religion with people on forums and face book. I'm always quite passive. I never go to bully anyone, neither does Michael for that matter, but i will put my point across. I haven't accepted Religion into my life since i was 7. I always up to that point thought the bible was just a storybook and always remember the day when Fr Paul came into our class as a routine, hey I'm your friendly neighbourhood priest just dropping in, been cool...said that it was all true..i started laughing..then realised he was been serious and laughed even harder. Now as a 7 year old i could see through this crap. Then to go onto a forum and some redneck Southerner or Holy Joe telling me that Yes in fact, the Arc was real, Noah did save all those animals, God put dinosaur fossils down to 'test us', its cool to sacrifice your kids like...whatever his name is ,did, the persecution of Sodom and Gomorrah, seas parting, Resurrections, Immaculate Conception..the list goes on, but they all believe in it.Talking Snakes?? I mean come on give me a breaks.But they eat this shit up and would honestly say that they are have a mental disease . Its not cool for a kid to have an imaginary kid when they are 8 but its OK for a 45 year old man to believe in a talking snake?.. Yeah Logic

What i find offence though, is the abortion nuts. They will kill Doctors at abortion clinics, put offence , grotesque image on huge boards of aborted foetus's, scream shout and holler, yet i wonder if someone came up and said 'oh thank you for making me not go through with it , I'm now going to enjoy my new son who's going to turn out gay yay' Would they be so quick to save the kid?

Women in Nigeria been subjected to genital mutilation in the name of religion. Genocide, in the name of Religion. Wars in the name of religion. Honour killings in the name of religion. Refusing medical help because 'God will heal you' Kids from the 1930s up to now systematically getting raped by religion.. So tell me again whats so great and comforting about Religion.?

I have no problem whatever you believe in. As i keep reiterating to people.I don't find your religious beliefs offence..i find them stupid.But I'm not going to insult you in an argument the way you do me, I'm not going to shout you down. The world is big enough for us all to live in.Why are we fighting all the time when we should be uniting against the minority of idiots that go around blowing shit up, warping peoples minds, raping our children, creating huge cracks between the nations. I have many Muslim/catholic friends. I don't discriminate..but sadly some people do just like i found out the hard way yesterday.


  1. I have my own little religion, Deirdreism <3 (:

  2. Now THATS a reilgion id follow Deirdre lol x