Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Its 6am and im wide awake!

Oh hai, Good morning to you all. I trust you slept well. I haven't..slept at all. I'm wide awake and currently listening to Manu Chao on headphones cos everyone is asleep and to listen to Mr Chao on quiet is just unacceptable.

I'm also very high..so very very high. Ive been smoking since 3pm yesterday.I'm smoking as i type I'm pretty sure ill crash later in EPIC fashion. I don't understand though, as usually smoking makes me sleepy after a time.But i .am.WIRED. Like giving a kid a 3 shots of espresso. .In my highest part of the night i freaked myself out thinking maybe i was a vampire but i realised that was ridiculous because i had a craving for garlic bread just at that very minute.

For some mad reason id love to take a walk in the mountains right now. I also need to learn the banjo.I want to duel with a Spanish man for the hand of Maria on top of a Spanish mountain , each banjo twang more furious than the last. Also the ukulele . That would be awesome to play,.Id go to Mexico and play my Ukulele to a sleepy but hot Mexican man as he trys to win the heart of Maria. As she coldly turns away from him because her stubbornness tells her she wants Juan but as i emerge from some Spanish arches slowly playing my Ukulele shell turn to Spanish man, lets say Carlos, and falls into his arms. But then a terrible misfortune happens and Carlos finds out Maria's wild heart cant be tamed and her legs wont close especially when he finds out..Maria has been sleeping with his half brother Manuel and is now pregnant but doesn't know who the father is. At this point i abandon the Ukulele in favour of the furious banjo twangs as the tension rises when Carlos' Uncle Francoise turns up with a dark secret.

Id love a croissant round about now. I'm so going to the supermarket when it opens. And getting like,  10 croissants and nutella.ooh or bacon. mm a croissant with cream cheese and bacon. I have the munchies bad.

So earlier today i go a ps2 game called Socom U.S Navy Seals. Fully intact. The box, the Manuel, the headset the game, obviously for a whopping 50cent. Ill have to go without food for a week to pay for that :D But as happy as i am to have gotten a bargain like that i cant help to wonder.Who owned it before me and what was there basic ear hygiene like? Now Michael told me 'im sure it'll be fine babe, just use it' and the logical side tells me hes right. But the neurotic side of me screams ear infections, crusty ears, waxy build up..it could have been the case.Do i use the headset? DO I? Its a minefield out there in retro gaming collecting.A germ filled crusty eared minefield.

Hmmm, i know i was planning to write something specific on this blog but my mad rants have prevented that now.. That's rather annoying.Maddening in fact.

Ah well. I think ill stop here and let Monsters Of Folk spirit me away with their delightful tunes :)




  1. Don't Use The Headset, Nooooooooooo

  2. Lol the headset is still in the box.. My wars are safe.. For now