Sunday, 15 April 2012

Stoned In Wonderland and Midgets

Hey there I'm very high.

So very high.I just thought id rattle off the random things that are popping in my head like,i think my head is a cave .Cos the TV is on and my Ma is talking to me but its like, i don't know ...its in a cave. Also i did some laundry and halfway through FOLDING the wet clothes before bringing them out to shake them open and hang up.. Read that again.. Yep i fold my wet clothes up neatly in a basket instead of just throwing them in to hang out. Like there going to get hung up but i fold them up. *facepalm*

Oh is it terrible of me that i was shocked to be watching , well i say watching.. a talent show in Ireland on the telly. Now what it is , is i came into the room and just sat down, my Ma was already watching it but one contestant was already singing some dreary country song. I was in a bit of a trance been whacked on the green and all when the singer finished and the host came on and the camera pulled away and there was a midget acceptable? dwarf? tiny person? vertically challenged? really small man ..He was the singer . It looked so odd and not in a bad way just like, a child's body and an old man face. That's all i see. Ive always been fascinated by them and not in a bad way. Just like , there so small how do they live, like in a normal house but everything at lower level. But what of shops with high shelves, what about 'you have to be THIS high to travel the ride' ...rides? Have they ever felt the thrill-near death experience of a rollercoaster ride?? I remember seeing a FAMILY of midgets..i feel weird saying midget it seems wrong but what do you call them,? But yeah a family, a Ma , a Da and a boy and a girl..Me and my friend Aisling, she can totally verify this story and that we saw them. I think we ditched college one day but not the day we ditched college to buy skateboards and went on a rampage through Dublin with them but another time we ditched college, we mostly went but we discovered weed too.. and we were walking up O'Connell St deciding what we would do when Aisling went very silent and seemed to be pushing me over the street when i stopped dead and looked behind me.I heard a low 'oh no' from Aisling  as i loudly exclaimed 'OH MY GOD WAS THAT A FAMILY OF MIDGETS' to a mortified Aisling..She muttered 'i was hoping you didn't see them' I jumped up and down once, wide eyed i  grabbed Ash and said 'oh my god lets follow them'  She said no.

I have a cup of tea in front of me and I'm thinking a crunchie would go well with it...

OK I'm back one cup of tea and 2 crunchies later.I thought they were bite sized for some reason. I don't know why .Crunchie doesn't even come in bite sized bars only the miniatures..I just put some rubbish and found it the most amusing thing Ive done because in the 80s growing up as a kid, we were told that by the year 2000 there would be robots in our homes doing our housework,taking out our rubbish..WHERES MY ROBOT damn it..

I feel like i should have a banjo right now. Like if you placed a banjo i could play it. I dont feel right without a banjo  :(

Nothing more gross than two old people kissing on Fair city.. Its an Irish TV Programme.A dreadful irish programme.That should have been taking of air a long time ago. a long long time ago.


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  1. lols Im High So This Makes Perfect Sense, And I Miss Crunchies....<3