Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Oh how i wish i was home in Amsterdam

Back in the day i frequented the Netherlands a lot. At least 3 times a year. Ill never forget the first time i was there. I was with my friend Brendan..who was my then boyfriend and we went for 2 and a half weeks taking in Belgium for a few days (never again) lol Brussels sucks.It just rains constantly and it burns you too..But I'm digressing..stupid Brussels *seethes at the memory* and of course we flew with Ryanair so we flew into Charleroi Airport. 3 HOURS away from Brussels.. and this man owns the company *facepalm*

But aaaaanyway.....

We were staying in the BOTEL for a few days in Amsterdam.Its basically a hotel but its a boat. Sounds great and exciting and is pretty much a rite of passage for most people when they go to Amsterdam first.But in reality its small and cramped and we were under the nightclub part of it. We got moved the next day to a better room though ;) But yeah, i only start smoking weed at 22. I say weed it was soapbar hash (oh the innocence of it all) but our first trip to Dam sorted us out. We got so high and laughed so much the whole time we were there.We decided that we would go back as much as we could. Which we did for the near 8 years we were together. But what i like mostly about Amsterdam was theres so many genuinely nice people there and in every Coffee shop, well the decent ones anyway, you never know who you end up talking too.

Listening to other backpackers, old stoners, coffeeshop workers, you are never alone. Theres always someone to pick you up and talk to . I love the architecture ,all the odd little museums, odd art galleries, Magic Mushroom stores, markets, its just such a neat place. I was there for Christmas 2 years back and my friend had to go do some business (hes a journalist) so rather than sitting in his apartment till he came back i took to the streets (not in a whore way lol ) and just wandered about, got high, ate food took some art shows in, talked for an hour to a rasta in a coffee shop, granted i could hardly understand him but i just smiled a lot and said oh jah man and he kept laughing.. Found some retro game stores, got talking for another hour to the 2 guys in there.Really i just talk to anyone .:D

For a long time too when i went there i would set aside a day to go get mushrooms and become like putty for a day. Laughing uncontrollably , crying uncontrollably and then laughing again. But every time i did a trip there i felt so relaxed and chilled for months. Then they went and banned them. Fucking right wing ,religious fanatical government. Now they want to ban tourists from buying weed and only if you live there you need a weit pass..a weed pass to buy..Yep, wait till the country goes to shit and all your transport and public facility's come crashing down around you, then that government will be out and peace will be restored once again. Let the morons have their day. But for now i like to keep my weed tinted glasses on and remember the fun i had been able to do something that is both perfectly natural and beneficial health wise to me in particular, and dream of the day i can go back, get stoned and hit the bakeries for the delicious strawberry shortcake tart, filled with cream and custard .

Man they were the best :)


  1. I'll fill you with cream and custard

  2. Lol you dirty animal... I love it

  3. very nice blog gives me ideas!!

  4. Well, Custard Is Forever Ruined To Me, But Amsterdam Sounds Great, If They Ever Get Over This Stupid WeedPass Thing <3 xxx