Friday, 6 April 2012

The Easter Bunny and other terrifing thoughts i had as a kid!

People say i tend to over think things and over analyse situations  a lot. I don't think i do, i just like to be prepared for any situation but even as i remember things i used to think as a kid, maybe i do..or did. Let me give you a couple of examples.


This mythical creature frighted the shit out of me as a kid. I mean, a giant rabbit..with a sack full of Easter eggs?? Bouncing around the world , breaking into houses and leaving chocolate eggs. Now let that sink in. A giant rabbit that was supposed to be extremely shy and didn't like people looking at him so did this at the dead of night. Once a year bounced around leaving eggs in peoples house? I often wondered how he didn't knock things over and how we didn't hear him bouncing in the house. Also why did does he wear a waistcoat but no trousers. He feels the need for a bow tie too. I just don't get it. i don't get why our parents tell us this. Can this bunny talk? is he mute? Why chocolate? Rabbits don't eat chocolate. Or like been indoors.


Now this is an odd one but i will share it. Back in the day my cousin Philip was serving in the Gulf War so i think it just crept into my consciousness. But i was terrified of Saddam Hussein and at the time they couldn't find him etc. I somehow convinced myself he lived in my attic only to crawl through the cavity's of my house at night to spy on me through air vents. I could swear he was there and made me Da eventually unscrew the vent to show me there was no way a man could stand there. I never questioned why my house? or why Ireland? lol This only stopped when Phil finished his service I was an odd child. I realise that i was just worried about Phil been in the Gulf and i was overthinking and 10 years of age lol


I stopped believing in religion when i was 7. A priest used to come into our classroom and tell bible stories. I don't remember the exact story he told that i questioned but i do know he used to eye me warily after it. I was a very shy quiet child in school. (IE) a nerd... but i remember exclaiming loudly 'wait these stories are supposed to be real' and laughing. I was viewed as an anti-Christ after that in his eyes I'm sure. I did say 'GROOOOSS' When i discovered we had to 'eat the body of christ' That priest hated me but i figure now if you cant handle a 7 year old questioning your own faith you're in the wrong job lol. But his inability to answer my questions made me realise is all crap. I'm a spiritual person but i don't believe in any organised religion. I believe in science and always did. I was a geeky kid and always wanted to know more. I asked the priest why weren't dinosaurs on the arc and he said 'dont be so stupid' and this coming from a man who believes in talking snakes.. go figure.Ill stop about that now but ill do my view on religion soon ;)

I know i have more odd thoughts but I'm hungry now and I'm going to make my dinner. Hope you all enjoy you're reenactments of nailing a dude to a cross and eating your chocolate as a mark of respect to him lol..

*rides out on a T-Rex*

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  1. OmG I'm Going To Hell For laughing, Thanks A Lot lmao