Saturday, 10 March 2012


For nearly 8 months now i have been in a relationship with Michael . Unfortunately i live in Ireland and he lives in the U.K. We met first on facebook cos i commented on a link on Sony Playstation and he liked it and then liked some photos on my page. He did send a friend request at the time but i declined it because i had come out of a bad rebound after meeting someone on line and was not in the mood for another 'freak' lol. He had an android as his picture ....anyway he requested me on PSN and i accepted but i didn't know it was him.

After a few weeks i was looking through my photos and saw his name again so i had a nosey at who he was and saw his picture for the first time and i just fell in love instantly. He reminded me of Keith Moon from The Who. I sent a request to him straight away and he accepted straight away lol . We just talked non stop for days after. We both discovered we had so much in common is was spooky. Same interests in games, music, films, TV shows, hated Apple and Microsoft. We both hate the Xbox with a passion  and own PS3's

Over the months we've been together , i have never felt so close to someone and so loved by someone like he does. He is the most wonderful guy in the world and makes me feel so wanted. He always says the right things when I'm upset . I have Fibromyalgia and find it difficult to cope and even though he isn't physically here with me , he is always at the other end of the phone checking on me and telling me he loves me. No matter what our relationship throws at us, we always have each other and get through it. When we are together whether I'm there or he's here its so magical and wonderful. We can never keep our hands of each other and finish each others sentences lol. He is so right for me that i cant imagine my life without him. Hes my soul mate and i want everything with him.

I will be seeing him in a few days. I miss him so much and cant wait to see him again.On Valentines Day i woke up to a package downstairs for me. I had no clue what it was but when i opened it, there a big monkey with a heart , a box of chocolates and a card from Michael with the most beautiful message written inside. I was not expecting anything at all so it just took me by surprise.   He is one of the best and i don't intend on ever letting him go :)

I love you with all my heart Baby and i always will <3

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  1. And iiiiiiieeeeeeiiiiiiiii will always love yoooooooooouuuu