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The Leprechaun is a type of fairy from Irish Mythology.. Leprechauns are traditionally cobblers and for hoarding gold. They are believed to come from the Tuatha De Danann (peoples of the goddess Danu) who are people in Irish Mythology. In the invasions tradition which begins with the Lebor Gabala Erenn they are the fifth group to settle Ireland, conquering the island from the Fir Bolg..If a Leprechaun is ever caught by a human , he is obliged to grant 3 wishes for hos release. The human must hold onto the leprechaun until the Leprechaun follows through with his wishes because they are known for they're trickery and deceitfulness. Even if you do manage to capture his pot of gold, be warned. By sunrise the next morning all you will find is a pile of dried up leaves.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFN-y5AB6fs Darby O'Gill and the Little People Trailer staring Sean Connery,Janet Munro and Albert Sharpe.. Made by Disney :)

The appearance of a Leprechaun is "He is about three feet high, and is dressed in a little red jacket or roundabout, with red breeches buckled at the knee, Gray or black stockings, and a hat, cocked in the style of a century ago, over a little, old, withered face. Round his neck is an Elizabethan ruff, and frills of lace are at his wrists. On the wild west coast, where the Atlantic winds bring almost constant rains, he dispenses with ruff and frills and wears a frieze overcoat over his pretty red suit, so that, unless on the lookout for the cocked hat, ye might pass a Leprechaun on the road and never know it's himself that's in it at all."

This actually varies from each Provence in Ireland, The traditional 'green' coat is more for Trooping Fairies.. Military fairy folk, Legend has it that when the Milesians came to Ireland the Leprechauns were forced to live underground forever. The Leprechaun is related to the clurichaun and the Far Darrig, usually solitary creatures.Though many believe the Clurichaun is a Leprechaun on a drinking spree as they love a drop of whiskey but because of their size cant handle it. :) They are easier to catch when drunk :)

Leprechaun , Leprecaun , Leipreachán, Luchorpán , Luprachán, Lochramán , Loimreachán , Loragádán, Lubrican , Luchragán , Luchramán , Luprecan , Lúracán, Lurgadán , Lurikeen are all variations on the gaelic spelling of Leprachaun

There is even a Museum in Jervis Street in Dublin dedicated to the little folk.. But if you are ever in Ireland and see a wee man with a cocked hat staggering up a lonely,misty road, its best to avoid him and just keep walking. ;)


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