Friday, 23 March 2012

Just a short one... That's what she said..


Bazingas aside,  i had a weird encounter today in Tesco.  I was buying some groceries when i made my way to the snack aisle as you do.. I knew I'd be getting quite high later and would get epic style munchies.  I was perusing the various corn and maize snacks when i heard someone singing 'No Limits' by 2unlimited.  The 5ft Dutch sensations of techno.

I turned around, expecting to see a time travelling 90's person.  What I saw was jar droppingly,  is droppinly a word??  I don't think so...  Bizarre sight. It was a woman with a trolley and a soother/pacifer/dummy hanging from her mouth by the handle, singing 'no, no limits.. No, no limits.. Darn darn darn darn darn down.. [that's the techno bit] over and over. Then stopping and walk a different direction and repeating it like a depressed polar bear in a zoo.  If he could talk. 

I got quite alarmed when she got in my personal space doing it.  But i reacted the way one should when approached by a shark.. I stood deathly still and dared not to breathe as she waltzed paat me.. 'no, no limits.. No, no limits'... When the danger past I fled, throwing children behind me as I ran.

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