Friday, 9 March 2012

Dreams with Michael

So last night i was playing Gran Turismo with Michael when i said 'Oh i never told you the dream i had in my afternoon snooze' and his reaction after laughing a lot was 'You have to blog about that'...Now I'm the first to admit i have weird dreams but see what you make off this...

I don't quite remember the start of it but Michael was a Knight in it and i was by his bedside as half his armour was off cos he had been horrifically burnt fighting ..lets say a dragon. He was coming out of a sleep at the time and i said 'oh thank god you re awake' he smiled and said 'oh i cant believe you re here' I kissed his forehead lightly and said 'youll be ok' Then i raised my corset and proceeded to have sex with him. lol. It was all ohh thee's and doth's everywhere..Then a shout came from within the castle 'WERE UNDER ATTACK' and i got off him and said 'i need to get you to safety' He then remarked on how i talked funny and it was then i told him my secret.

I told him i was from the future and i was time travelling back and forth to see him through a portrait within the castle. (Very Harry Potterish i know). He laughed and said 'what is this nonsense you speak of' And i said no really its true,I'm from the year 2012 ,i can show you and i can get you to safety'  Cos it turned out he was a very famous , wrongly sought after Prince and the castle was under attack cos of him.They were going to kill him.So very slowly , he was horrifically burnt after all lol, we walked down a burning open air corridor.In the distance i could see his Governess but she had her back turned to us, we snuck by her and came face to face with the portrait.

He stood by with an incredulous look on his face and was saying , 'we must flee , they seek me, we do not have time for this my fair dame' I told him to trust me and stepped through the portrait with him. We ended up in a charity shop near Michael in real life called Acorns. The portal to time travel was there you see, as you do... So we stepped out into the shop and out into the open. He was dumbfounded and kept staring around. Then he turned and saw Tescos and said 'what is this Tes....cos, what witchery is this' Then pointed to the cars and asked 'what are those metal beasts' 'i don't understand, what is this trickery'

Now the thing was no one seemed to notice a half burnt knight and a corset clad maiden standing in the middle of the street. I called a taxi or 'metal beast' to go back to Michaels present day house but i lived there instead. But that's unfortunately, where the dream ended as i woke up abruptly.

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  1. I love it!!! Bits from every era in it with a hint of wacky and a pinch of odd!!!