Friday, 9 March 2012

Another dream i had but this time with Naomi

So following my blog on the dream about Michael and the knights and stuff, i had had a dream the night before about my friend Naomi. Now Naomi is like my sister from another mister . Yes ...there is 2 of us. We  have this theory that we are actually the one person, she also has a blog as does Michael so check them both out too as they are both fabulous and 

Aaaaanyhos, So i was going to England ,i think to live, but Michael was working late and i got in early. He told me to go to Naomi's place by the seafront and wait there for him that he would be finished soon. So somehow i ended up inside Naomi's apartment and i asked her why she was living in Birmingham, (id like to point out Birmingham is landlocked and is nowhere near a beach or the sea) She was sitting on the bed in shorts painting her nails and toenails , she casually said, Oh I'm wanted in London' I said 'how do you mean WANTED' and she said 'oh i just have some gangsters after me so i came here to escape them' I said 'but , they can find you here' and she blew her nails and said 'Id like to see them fackin try'

Then Michael appeared and Naomi said  'im going for a shower' and i wide eyed, panicked, turned to Michael and said 'Gangsters are after her' He kind of jumped back and said 'what the fuck are we doing her, is she a nonse, did she whack someone/ and grabbed me by the shoulders. I said i don't know..I DON'T KNOW..Then Naomi came out and said 'right , i gotta go start me shift in the pub' and off she went. We ran away and got a bus.

Michael said 'oh babe, Ive to go back to work but get the bus into town and get yourself something pretty' and handed me money.. British pound notes.. But when i got on the bus i had no change and the bus driver said i cant let you on..i said 'but theres gangsters after Naomi, please i had 3 euros on me and said, please don't you know anyone who'd use euros..he felt sorry for me and said come on sit beside me...

Then again.. i woke up thinking Naomi was wanted by gangsters. Oh i should point out that it was like, 1940 Al Capone gangsters not skin headed nonse bashers. like this... 

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