Tuesday, 28 February 2012


So I'm just gonna have a little rant here. I have already ranted before about Call of Duty and its campers. Those bastards that think they are good at Call of Duty but just sit around hiding and shoot people to level up quicker. A question was posed online recently as to whether this was strategy or cheating. The over whelming response was cheating. The 1000 + so who disagreed are obviously campers. Needless to say the 'debate' got out of hand and a lot of insults were thrown around. I wish I had bookmarked this debate but I didnt so have no links to it unfortunately. I got very involved in it and came away seething in rage cos someone said to me..'your a girl what would you know'

My response was rather colourful and rageful. Despite the fact this moron was an obnoxious xbox player , he was either a 14 year old twat or a 40 year old fat bastard who lives in his mothers house trolling the internet for various threads, stuffing cheetos into his greasy mouth..Its greasy from all the fried chicken he eats. But the very fact he said 'your only a girl what would you know' leads me to the conclusion hes one of the above descriptions. But I got very angry..very angry indeed.

But I'm digressing. I'm not the type of gamer who is offended or really takes any notice when people trash talk me. I'll trash talk you till you go crying to you're mother. I'm as blue as a sailor when i play online. I'm pretty good too. I know I'm not the best gamer in the world but I play for fun and to talk to friends. I'm not a gamer who smashes my controller off the floor cos I lost a race or a fight or whatever. I get annoyed at people, cos people are idiots.

 Other people take it all way too seriously and these are the aforementioned Trolls. Bizarely, these people need to WIN at everything. Only recently , while playing Gran Turismo I noticed that people will join your room, despite it saying 'Friends only' pick a Red Bull car, one of the fastest cars, completley ruin your laptimes and then leave! Like seriously, what the fuck is that all about? They dont even want to race, they just fuck up your lap times and leave. Bastards.

But the whole tag Girl Gamer actually annoys me. Yes i think we have decided that I'm a girl..and I play games.. but you guys dont go around calling yourselves Boy Gamers, so why tag us?I dont't need to be defined I'm a gamer!! I play games and I'm better than some people out there regardless of gender. But the thing thats bugs me he most is that the type of insecure assholes 'BOY GAMERS' out there, if they are getting beaten by me or other girls I know that play, feel the need to get really personal and actually go all out to attack us specifically. Once the insecure little rat has been beaten/killed/raced against you and lost they start calling you derogatory names instead of the usual banter. Now like I said it doesnt actually bother me because I find it hilarous that they are so insecure they have to get personal, but what bugs me about it is that some girls arent up for that kind of shit. They get put off going online to play. Im not just talking about a few names but quite a few of my girlfriends have recieved messages etc from these guys. AFTER THE GAME IS DONE. then wake up the next morning to more. I myself have had this, and more recently I had this abuse of a girl cos I shot her 3 times in a row. I didnt even know it was her the 3 times. When I play I dont even look at the names. If you appear in red , youre gonna get shot. But she felt the need to message me on PSN and hurl abuse at me..Not just once either but 3 messages.

 Cos all her rage couldnt fit into one.

Silly bitch lol.......I jest............kinda

But seriously, if you get that worked up over losing a game to anyone let alone a girl i think you need a new hobby.

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