Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I apparently have weird OCD's

When my boyfriend Michael was over I realised I have some very strange habits.  Some might say they are ocd's but i say they are quirks.  I have done these things for as long as I can remember but don't know how they started.  I'll just list them of and see what you think...

1. I cut the ends of things I eat.  For example,  sausages I eat a sausage but have to cut of the ends.  I always leave the crusts of pizza and sandwiches.  I'll put a chip on a fork and eat most of it then pop the bit I don't eat off the fork and start another. 

2. I always have to walk on the right hand side of someone.  It feels so weird if im on the left

3. If I'm on a car I have to sit behind the passenger if im not in the front. 

4. When I come down the stairs if i dont start with my right foot I have to come back up and start again.

5. When I see a poster or picture,  i look at the top edge first,  then the bottom edge, then left edge then right edge before looking at the middle. 

6. I am always washing my hands.

7.  I lick a crisp before I eat it,  both sides

These are only a few I can think of at the moment but im sure others can point out more.  I'm not quite aware of everything I do but others are with much hilarity.  Like I say I call them quirks, 

Quirks exclusive to me ;) 

The Weird Woman

So I'm sitting in a hospital waiting for someone to finish their appointment.  There's a girl sitting across from me with a Freddie krueger jumper busy with her iPhone *rolls eyes and tuts* but every time someone talks or sniffs or does anything at all her little beady eyes shoot up and she stares intently at them as if she's trying to set them on fire. 

It's the funniest thing cos I keep making sounds and generally been annoying to distract her to see if she'll set me on fire.  Now shes picking her nails and looking quite disgusted by it.  A child has really irritated her now and shes beadily eyeing the child up,  crinkling her nose at her.  I'd say shes about 28. Now shes picking her ears.  Jesus.  And she has the cheek to get irritated by other people.