Friday, 16 December 2011

Monkey butlers

So anyone who knows me will know i have a fascination with dwarves and monkeys. Now what these 2 fascinating things have in common is the clothes that fit dwarves will also fit monkeys.. Get a dwarf tuxedo and you have yourself a monkey butler.
Monkey butlers are useful creatures to have around but some stupid law says I can't have one. So I'm gonna start lobbying for the right to have a monkey and so what I please with him.. Be it, make him a skateboarding legend, a doctor or a butler..
Who else will peel my grapes, make me margaritas,  (i dont drink but that's not the point)  wash my clothes,  and bring me an ironed newspaper every morning... WHO?? 
So join me on January 23rd,  national monkey butler day,  I have declared it... And let's fight the fascists and their monkey hating ways..