Friday, 16 December 2011

E.T's Christmas celebrations

He came bearing gifts.  Told a few jokes while rolling,  then got drunk and bitched about his ex.  Before trying to start a fight with the Christmas tree.. Failing and passing out.

Bottom line: Never have an alien around for a night in.  They can't handle their Jack, Smoke all your green and piss on the sofa. 


  1. Piss taking E.T he isnt the only Alien behaving Badly I have a friend who is treating me like sum sorta cunt now she thinks she wont ever need me for any thing U know what some people really dont know what a true friend is till its to late .Anyway hope your all good and getting ready for a good Xmas and New Year looks like you should have enough Bud to get ya through LOL Spk to ya soon :-)

  2. hahaha classic what a lightweight :L happy xmas :D see you soon :D

  3. I hear ya Ian. Never a truer word spoken. Hope your not too down. :( inbox me if you wanna talk. Oh I got a really nice book on Banks too. The name escapes me now but it's a good bit if his work :) hope to talk to you soon, if i dont talk to you before, have a great green Christmas. ;) xx take care