Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Death to all campers...

So Modern Warfare 3 came out last week. Hurrah. I queued up at midnight to get mine. I had already paid so just needed to pick it up. It was all shiny and new. I was looking forward to getting stuck in. I played the first level that night but was really tired so left it till the next day. I continued to play it till i got about half way through and decided to go online with it and build up my player card etc as you do.

To my annoyance and not really to my surprise people had already levelled up to 50 with some at 75.In the space of a few days. You can only do this by playing constantly all the time which some do but most camp. Its these little fuckers that ruin the game for everyone. These bastards get the game on the day of its release and go straight online. They figure out where all the Re spawn points are and camp out while playing online. So for anyone not familiar with this technique or indeed play games let me explain...

When i go to play a game online with Modern Warfare to play Free for All or Team Death Match, when these little fuckers kill you they immediately go to a re spawn point, where i will come back into the game and shoot me again...and again.. and again. It requires no skill, takes the fun out of the game and they think its brilliant they keep 'winning' .. But get one of these bastards out in the open and they cant shoot for shit. They actually cant play the game. they just level up get all the best weapons but cant actually play the game. Its ruined it for a lot of people playing online. Its not just this game either.

Up to this year, try play Fifa or Pro Evo Soccer online...just try.. oh wait is that someone picking the team with Messi/ Rolando/Rooney again..yes yes it fucking is, oh good man, pass the ball to Messi and just run up the fucking pitch and score a goal.. Oh now i have the ball, oh what am i annoying you actually playing the game and using tactics , oh I'm so fucking sorry. But this year they have fixed that with Fifa. Now its no longer possible to be a cheating bastard and people who were 'brilliant' at it before are now considered Noobs.

Unfortunately the same cant be said for Call of Duty and i really cant see there been an end to it. So if you are a camper who does this, i really hope you feel good about yourself , i hope you feel like a big man bragging to your friends and thinking your brilliant cos the rest of us gamers fucking hate you and I for one thinks your mother should have swallowed you rather than conceive you.

That is all.