Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Beginning...

Ive decided to start this blog because i have a vast knowledge of all kinds of weird stuff that I'm sure you will all be delighted to read. Stuff that will make you gasp, retch,laugh, laugh outloud, wonder in amazement, make you think or just simply, let you have stories to tell so you can feel popular when 'cool story guy comes in and hogs the limelight'
Ill introduce myself properly, I'm Tracey, but madgiraffe is cool too, I'm 31 and live in Dublin. I have an amazing boyfriend who lives in England and I'm a dedicated gamer with many consoles and games. I'm a geek if truth be told, i tick all the boxes. Sci-fi, games,glasses..yep that's me.
I'm also huge into music and like finding new bands etc to listen too. So occasionally i will put up some recommendations.I also draw and paint, haven't in a while but getting back into it. I like art n general but i love funky stoner designs and magic mushroom type art, 60's/70's psychedelic art that type of stuff. I'm a stoner and proud of the fact that I'm not a stereotypical 'movie' stoner. Seriously those stereotypes get on my
I also enjoy 'I Haz Cheezburger' so feel free to send me any amusing pictures in relation to that.In fact send me anything you want that has made you laugh or wonder in amazement and if i like it...well, you wont win anything but you ill have made me smile.And isn't that better than winning a prize :D

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